get the luxury look for less

Unlike jumpers, tops or sometimes even shoes, we rarely buy bags – they are an accessory that can last a lifetime, after all. But using the same one day in, day out (even if it is designer) can end up feeling incredibly dull. And, although it may make for a quick exit out the door each morning, it may actually be dampening down your outfit – does that XXL black leather tote truly work with that pastel pink dress? Most likely not.

While some of us may dream of fashion’s most famous finds: the Chanel boy bag, a Gucci Marmont or Bottega Veneta cassette to name but a few, blowing thousands on one piece just isn’t possible for many of us, no matter how beautiful the bag. 

So we’ve turned to the good ol’ high street stalwarts to find 11 bags that look much more expensive than they really are. From LA-based brand JW Pei’s fashion-forward vegan leather options to Monki’s faux fur find, there’s no short supply to choose from, and the lower price point certainly doesn’t mean damping down the design.

The key to copping a luxury-looking bag at a lower cost is to avoid obvious designer dupes. Anyone can spot a real Chanel from a faux find a mile away, and flimsy fabric, heaps of scratched hardware and overdone designs aren’t going to work in your favour. Instead, look for simple, clean shapes that have been created incredibly well – like our Cambridge Satchel Co find – or standout designs not done before, like the Staud style below.

Convinced? Just take a look below at our favourite finds, and you may be surprised to see the price.

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