I travelled to have my under eye bags removed for thousands… people say I looked great before but I needed this

A MUM has revealed she forked out a fortune to improve the appearance of her under eye bags – but people insist she didn’t need the procedure.

Like most beauty lovers, mum Chloe Elizabeth, from Newcastle, used to struggle with confidence due to what she lovingly referred to as her ”Chanel bags” on face.

Mum Chloe forked out a fortune to improve the appearance of her under eye bags


Mum Chloe forked out a fortune to improve the appearance of her under eye bagsCredit: cchloelizabethh
But many insisted the stunning woman didn't need the surgery in the first place


But many insisted the stunning woman didn’t need the surgery in the first placeCredit: cchloelizabethh

For years, the stunning beauty fan would apply make-up to conceal these – however, it seems that was never enough.

One day, Chloe took a train to Glasgow, Scotland, to visit a clinic that would later perform lower blepharoplasty – a surgery for improving the extra sagging of skin around the eye.

In total, Chloe spent three hours travelling and had forked out a fortune for the procedure, which costs anywhere from £2,399 to a whopping £3,500, according to the clinic.

The process itself isn’t too lengthy and takes just 1-2 hours and you’re ready to go back to work in a week.

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However, full recovery may take up to a month.

During the costly procedure, the surgeon will make an incision from the outer part of the eyelashes.

Any overlapping skin will be removed during the surgery and the incisions are then closed using very fine sutures.

Showing the aftermath, Chloe shared a clip of herself on the way back home, calling herself a ”crazy girl”.

But whilst she now may feel better about her appearance, people on social media insisted she never needed the pricey surgery in the first place.

After checking out her Before videos, one fan commented: ”*goes to see what you used to look like** – stunning nothing wrong with you!”

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Someone else agreed, writing: ”Chloe you’re BEAUTIFUL. I understand you may be self conscious, if only you saw yourself the way we see you.”

”No matter what you get you will always be beautiful because I can tell you have the most beautiful heart and that will always make you the best,” a third penned.

”You are literally a 1927281192 out of 10! The prettiest girl I’ve ever seen. You don’t need any work!” another added.

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