Reddit users left stunned by man’s horrific wedding ring injury: ‘Don’t get married’

Warning graphic content

A husband’s unfortunate wedding ring injury has sparked an intense reaction on social media.

Images of the man’s extreme wound were shared on Reddit, showing how the flesh under where his band would usually sit had been severely eroded away.

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But while many assumed that the trauma was caused by the husband’s refusal to remove his wedding ring for a long period of time, this was not the case.

It’s understood the man was changing a motor in his boat when a live wire touched the band, leading to a significant electrical burn.

The news caused many tradesmen to share warnings about wearing jewellery while working with “electronics, welding equipment, or heavy machinery”.

“Yep, I’m an electrician who’s getting married later this year. I’m either gonna get a bunch of silicon bands or one made out of titanium so that it’s non-conductive because it’s a legitimate risk,” said one.

An electrical accident caused the ring to leave a severe burn in the man’s finger. Credit: Reddit

Another wrote: “Rings are dangerous. I was throwing a tyre into the back of a truck and my ring caught on the rim. The ring had to be cut off after almost degloving me.”

Added one more: “This happened to my uncle when he was trying to remove a battery from a car. The wrench went across the terminals and was touching his ring.

“He almost had to have his finger amputated because the severe burn almost severed all blood flow to his finger. He was lucky and his finger healed after getting a graft.”

Others said they were convinced the injury had been caused from the ring itself after a life-long marriage.

“I absolutely also just assumed it was from wearing the same ring without taking it off for decades and through a major weight change. Thanks for setting me straight, comments!” said one.

A photo of the man’s healed finger. Credit: Reddit

Another said: “Welding accident makes a lot more sense than the prolonged wearing narrative my silly brain conjured up.”

A third wrote: “The comments always have to ruin the day with their truth. I was having fun imagining this guy getting married at like 12 somehow and then just growing up with his 12-year-old ring digging into his finger for 30 years.”

Many could see the humorous side of the discussion.

“That’s why you have to make sure they come off sometimes … like when you are at a conference hundreds of miles from your spouse, you should practice not wearing it for a while,” he said.

Added another: “Is this some kind of symbol for what marriage is like?”

Wrote more: “What we learn here about prevention? Don’t get married.”

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