Review: Conair x Dafni Muse

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What it is: A heat styling tool from a collaboration between two brands, Conair and Dafni.

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The hair-styling brush is billed as being able to style “straight or naturally curly hair” that is short-to-medium length. The heated tool can be used to straighten strands, add curls or add waves. The heat styling tool features ceramic-coated bristles featuring Dafni’s patented technology.

With a fixed heat setting of 365 degrees F, the “optimal hairstyling temperature for effective styling while protecting your hair from unnecessary damage,” according the brand, the antistatic-bristle brush works to eliminate frizz while leaving hair “silky and smooth.”

What we say: After watching a few online tutorials, our tester set to work trying the Conair x Dafni Muse on her wavy, medium-length hair. Selecting small sections and completely dry hair were key aspects for best results.

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A slow pass through the hair yielded a straightened, sleek look while a twist of the wrist added a nice soft curl. Curious about how the tool would perform on other hair types, she tried it on someone with short, very curly hair and was impressed with how it smoothed her strands and added a nice curl.

The Conair x Dafni Muse was also tested on someone with fine, super-straight hair and was found to produce sleek, soft waves without making strands feel “crispy” or overheated.

Overall, she found the tool provided good styling performance without too much heat. The lightweight brush was easy to use and it didn’t take long to figure out how best to use it on different hair types and lengths.

Where to get it:,

What it will cost you: $249.99

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