Review: That’so On-the-Go Dark Instant Tanning Spray

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What it is: An instant self-tanning spray product from the made-in-Italy brand That’so.

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The product features Matrixyl, billed as a “powerful anti-aging ingredient,” and along with aloe vera and sugarcane extract, smoothes and hydrates skin while bronzer pigments add a sun-kissed glow. Featuring six per cent DHA — dihydroxyacetone, the active ingredient in most self-tanning products, the “natural formulation” spray tanning product provides an instant bronzed look that fully develops over two-to-three hours and lasts up to four days, according to the brand. 

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What we say: Trying a new self-tanner can be a daunting task. Will it be streaky? Will the colour be orange? How long will it last? The list of possible unknowns goes on-and-on.

Thankfully, our tester found this spray tan product provided all the right answers to the aforementioned queries. The 360 spray made application easy. Applied to clean, dry skin — prepped with the appropriate pre-exfoliation process, of course — she misted the product in one continuous spray, holding the can several inches away from the skin’s surface. The instant bronzer makes even application an easier task and, thanks to the fine mist, she found no rubbing in or blending was required.

A light application yielded a nice, sun-kissed look that lasted several days. Plus, we love the fact that there’s no colour transfer with this self-tanning product, so you can apply, let it dry and get on with your day without worrying about any collateral damage.

Where to get it: 

What it will cost you: $52.99.

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