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These cult-favorite beauty products are on sale at Amazon, starting at just $5

Twenty bucks goes a long way in Amazon's beauty section. (Photo: Amazon)

Twenty bucks goes a long way in Amazon’s beauty section. (Photo: Amazon)

The number of beauty products out there is dizzying. Some claim to erase wrinkles, others promise long lashes, but not all of them deliver on those claims. When we find something life-changing that follows through on its promises, we want to share it with the world. And so do Amazon shoppers — when a beauty product with enough five-star reviews to give them cult-favorite-level status, it’s worth a second look — especially when it’s on sale. We’ve sifted through Amazon’s beauty section for under-the-radar products on sale and have the reviews to back up the hype. Scroll down for the cult-favorite beauty products at Amazon that are on sale — and they’re all under $20.

We all know that ice can help reduce swelling anywhere on your body, but it works magic on a puffy face. This little gadget makes that easy. It works kind of like a jade roller, only it has a head that you freeze before rolling it across your face or part of your body that needs cooling.

“I absolutely love this ice roller,” wrote a happy shopper. “I use it with my night time serum every night before bed and I wake up much less puffy and relaxed than how I felt before it. Taking 5 minutes to just roll the ice over your face is the minimum you should do for relaxation. I’m buying them for all my friends!”

Amazon shoppers may have found the solution to fine lines and puffiness around the eyes — and it’s nearly 40% off right now. This cream is from RoC whose skincare products are a favorite among celebs like Sarah Jessica Parker, but this is one regular folks get behind — it’s already

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