“The Beauty and the Beast Experience” Coming to Charleston

UPDATE: Use promo code HOLYCITYSINNER at checkout for 60% off your tickets!


CluedUpp, an immersive outdoor events company, will host their latest adventure – “Beauty and the Beast” – in Charleston on Saturday, November 18th.

Following the success of “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Smurfs Great Escape,” CluedUpp returns to the Holy City with this brand new outdoor adventure that combines the original 18th century story with a “whodunnit?” style mystery in this immersive, escape-room style event. 

Here’s how the company describes the new event:

In a tale never told before, this adaptation sees the Beast cursed once again. With love not being enough to break the spell this time, hundreds of players will be gathering in Charleston to help Beauty save the day. 

Expect to complete challenges, interrogate fairytale characters and crack clues against the clock. The adventure takes place entirely outdoors and all you’ll need is a phone and a team of 6 willing participants – dressing up as your favorite fairytale character is optional but highly encouraged. 

“We’re committed to creating unique, outdoor experiences that bring people together and encourage them to have fun with family and friends,” said Tref Griffiths, founder of CluedUpp Games. “With ‘Beauty and the Beast,’ I’m confident people of all ages will love this magical mystery-solving adventure.” 

Tickets for the event can be purchased via the CluedUpp website, and are available now (children under 16 play for free). Click”here for more information. Use promo code HOLYCITYSINNER at checkout for 60% off your tickets!

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I’m a beauty fan – here’s my hack for plumping lips without using filler

A BEAUTY fan has shared how she keeps her lips looking full and plump without the use of fillers. 

Taking to Instagram, Lydia Sasse, who posts under the username @faceyogawithlydia, said a daily lip workout could help.

A beauty fan has shared how she keeps her lips looking full and <a href=plump without the use of fillers” height=”567″ width=”328″ class=”lazyload” src=”” data-credit=”Instagrame/ Journalist” data-sizes=”(max-width: 375px) 335px, (max-width: 520px) 480px, 620px” data-img=”″ srcset=” 335w, 480w, 620w, 670w, 960w, 1240w, 1005w, 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w, 2480w” bad-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 0.6 1"%3E%3C/svg%3E”/


A beauty fan has shared how she keeps her lips looking full and plump without the use of fillersCredit: Instagrame/ Journalist
These are Lydia's top tips for plump lips


These are Lydia’s top tips for plump lipsCredit: Instagrame/ Journalist

She said: “Our lips don’t lie: as we age we lose volume in our lips.

“Luckily we can change that quite quickly by just working on this area daily;

“We need to combine releasing tension to allow blood to flow to the area again and exercises that build volume.

“Try my top 5 today + see if you can commit to making them a daily practice.

People say my eyebrows are too close together but I can prove they're perfect
Woman urged to learn to do her nails after a paid mani ends up a total disaster


These are Lydia’s top tips for plump lips.

The first step is ‘The Marilyn’.

Lydia says: “Press your lips into the resistance of your fingers.”

Do this for ten seconds and repeat it three times. 

The second step is ‘Kiss the sky.’

She said: “Lift your chin and pout”. Do this ten times in each direction.

Next up is ‘Dumpling’

Lydia said: “Release tension from the mouth muscles by massaging along the lip line.”

The fourth step is ‘Horse lips.’

She said: “Bring blood flow to your lips by blowing raspberries”.

Lydia recommends that you do this three times.

The final step is ‘V

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At 57, Paulina Porizkova Looks So Toned in Nude Pic: ‘Secret Beauty Doesn’t Age’

<a href=paulina porizkova ” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTQ4MQ–/”/

Paulina Porizkova Poses Nude to Discuss AgingGetty Images

  • Paulina Porizkova, 57, posted a new nude photo on Instagram with a message about “secret beauty.”

  • The post’s caption addressed how “pretty privilege” dissipates as we age, but inner beauty, or “secret beauty,” lasts forever.

  • Fans flooded the comments section to respond to the inspirational prose.

Paulina Porizkova isn’t one to shy away from the camera, and she always accompanies her iconic photos with meaningful prose (like when she celebrated her unique individual beauty). Now, the supermodel is taking the idea of “aging gracefully” to a whole new level, showing her fans that getting older can be powerful and beautiful by posing nude for an Instagram post.

In the photo’s caption, the 57-year-old opened up about aging and inner beauty—or as she calls it, “secret beauty.”

“When you’re deemed ‘beautiful’ by societal standards, your outward-facing shell is celebrated. You get pretty privilege until you age out of it. That sort of beauty is shiny and flashy, like a sequined dress. It instantly draws attention. But, it’s hardly comfortable, besides, the sequins will rub and eventually fall off.”

She continued: “Secret beauty works differently. That one is a dress made of quality fabric and careful stitching and will last forever. We are all that garment, the one of careful and unique construction.”

The star took on the meaning of inner beauty in the image’s caption. “This is what most call the inner beauty or the inner light. But what fascinates me about it is that once you glimpse it, it literally illuminates the person on the outside as well. Features that are unique and perhaps mathematically incorrect suddenly become beautiful. It’s like you’ve found a treasure in a second-hand store; it’s

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As storm stress subsides, Minnesotans take in winter’s beauty, help neighbors dig out

There’s a lot of beauty to soak up in the snowy Minnesota landscape

There’s a lot of beauty to soak up in the snowy Minnesota landscape


BLAINE, Minn. – Even with the delays, cancellations and inconveniences, we hope you got a chance to step back and look around. There is a lot of beauty to soak up in the landscape.

It’s not often in Minnesota the weather stops us in our tracks. But when it does, it’s breathtaking – beauty and snow abound.

Sandy Quasbort of Blaine says when she looks around at the mounds of snow she sees “beauty.”

“Winter is gorgeous,” Sandy said.

If you’re thinking Sandy seems nice, you’re right. She and her husband spent Thursday morning clearing their neighbors’ drive.  



“We volunteer to do it for them because we’re just right across the street and it’s just easy to do,” she said. “There is work to it, but you know, it gets you outside, I think it keeps you healthier.”

The snow certainly brings out the beauty of the Minnesota landscape, but also the beauty of humanity. Cindy Bratsch says her neighbors help one another. WCCO watched as her longtime neighbor Jim Kulaga put his snow blower to work.

“He’s the best,” Cindy said.

Sometimes the worst of weather conditions brings out the best in the human condition.

“It’s awesome, we all work together,” Cindy said.

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Should You Think About Buying MAV Beauty Brands Inc. (TSE:MAV) Now?

While MAV Beauty Brands Inc. (beautybrands-shares?blueprint=2395769&utm_medium=finance_user&utm_campaign=intro&utm_source=yahoo” data-ylk=”slk:TSE:MAV;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “TSE:MAV) might not be the most widely known stock at the moment, it led the TSX gainers with a relatively large price hike in the past couple of weeks. Less-covered, small caps tend to present more of an opportunity for mispricing due to the lack of information available to the public, which can be a good thing. So, could the stock still be trading at a low price relative to its actual value? Let’s examine MAV Beauty Brands’s valuation and outlook in more detail to determine if there’s still a bargain opportunity.

Check out our latest analysis for MAV Beauty Brands

What Is MAV Beauty Brands Worth?

According to my valuation model, MAV Beauty Brands seems to be fairly priced at around 13% below my intrinsic value, which means if you buy MAV Beauty Brands today, you’d be paying a fair price for it. And if you believe the company’s true value is CA$0.96, then there isn’t much room for the share price grow beyond what it’s currently trading. So, is there another chance to buy low in the future? Given that MAV Beauty Brands’s share is fairly volatile (i.e. its price movements are magnified relative to the rest of the market) this could mean the price can sink lower, giving us an opportunity to buy later on. This is based on its high beta, which is a good indicator for share price volatility.

What does the future of MAV Beauty Brands look like?



Investors looking for growth in their portfolio may want to consider the prospects of a company before buying its shares. Buying a great company with a robust outlook at a cheap price is always a good investment, so let’s also take

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Bretman Rock Reveals the Reason He Left the Beauty Community

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24-year-old social media influencer and ex-beauty guru Bretman Rock opened up about the dark side of the beauty community in an interview with ‘Them.’ In the interview, titled “Becoming Bretman Rock,” Bretman takes us along his journey of stardom, like his start on Vine, his MTV reality show, and of course, the reason the once reigning king of the beauty stepped away from his throne.

In 2021, Bretman sat in front of his camera and announced his departure from the makeup world in a Youtube video.

“I don’t want to be tied to the beauty community anymore. I am not a beauty guru,” he said in the vid, commenting on how much the environment has changed negatively. In his interview, Bretman said people weren’t happy about what he said then, but he still stands by his words.

“When I first started the beauty industry I fell in love with the creators, and it made me wanna do what I wanted to do, which was literally just share makeup and share my confidence with the world, share people how to grow their eyebrows back, share people how to contour, share people my new favorite foundation, you know, and I don’t know why it got lost in translation when non-colored individuals were coming in, and it just became a money industry.”

“When did beauty become so ugly?” he questioned. “It’s no longer a beauty industry, beauty community, and I use the word community very loosely.”

Bretman expressed his frustrations with the community, saying that people started coming for the wrong reasons (aka only for $$$) and not with good intentions.

“B*tch, it was like, ugh, how are y’all, do y’all not even know how to

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How YouTube’s anti-haul videos have been given the TikTok makeover

By Alessandro Carrara

The new deinfluencing trend is leaving many beauty brands worried about their reputation about product offering. What key steps can they take to navigate the new anti-consumer trend?

Deinfluencing has largely been brought about by years of economic instability

Deinfluencing has largely been brought about by years of economic instability

After over a decade of beauty influencer marketing, content creators have now taken to TikTok with the new deinfluencing trend.

A typical deinfleuncing video sees a TikToker or influencer name products they do like or outright hate from beauty brands, whilst also recommending competitor brands they prefer.

But the idea of opposing and calling out overconsumption through social media is also not a new concept.

Anti-haul videos, which are essentially a longer format of deinfluencing, have been featured on YouTube as far back as 2017.

So how does deinfluencing differ? And why has it emerged in 2023?

The term, which has been searched more 223 million times on TikTok, has struck a chord with consumers, with videos regularly receiving hundreds of thousands of views….

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Coco & Eve Expands Into Ulta Beauty

Coco & Eve, a hair, skin and bodycare company is expanding its availability at Ulta Beauty.

Beginning February 26th, the Sunny Honey tan collection will be launching at select Ulta Beauty stores nationwide, making it the first brick-and-mortar partnership for the brand. Since its debut in 2018, Coco & Eve products have been exclusively sold online, and now, the expansion to stores brings greater access and discovery.

“We are delighted to bring our Sunny Honey range to Ulta Beauty stores,” says Emily Hamilton, co-founder of Coco & Eve. “This is our first brick-and-mortar presence in the U.S., and we couldn’t think of a better partner. Not only is retail expansion a driving goal for the brand, but product innovation is key as well. This line has been well received since its launch. The infusion of skincare ingredients in sunless at-home tanning products have proven to be a staple year-round.”
The six-piece collection will be available in 452 Ulta Beauty stores in key markets such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The in-store launch follows the collection’s online success on Ulta’s website and lands in time for spring as guests prepare for warm weather occasions.

About The Sunny Honey Collection

The Sunny Honey collection is anchored by the Bronzing Foam, a product utilizing Cellushape technology, which contains antioxidants to smooth skin, fight cellulite, and blur pigmentation. This was followed by the launch of the Bronzing Face Drops, offering a glow with 100% natural DHA while boosting the skin with hydration through nourishing ingredients such as dragonfruit and hyaluronic acid, and most recently introduced was the Antioxidant Face Tanning Micromist, a self-tanner. The micromist technology allows for a fast absorbing, lightweight application for a streak-free glow.
The collection is vegan, cruelty-free and does not contain ingredients such as

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Beauty Subscriptions IPSY And BoxyCharm Merge Under IPSY Umbrella

Beauty subscription brands IPSY and BoxyCharm, which previously operated as separate businesses under the same parent company, are officially coming together under the IPSY umbrella.
The reimagined combined portfolio will offer the best of both worlds to their 20M+ community by coupling BoxyCharm’s focus on brands and merchandise with IPSY’s personalization, customization and operations.
This experience will be offered exclusively at IPSY’s website and on IPSY’s app.
IPSY saw a strategic opportunity to reinvent its business model to better serve members by integrating the portfolio—going from 6 beauty subscription options between IPSY and BoxyCharm to 3—and unlocking access to more personalization and customization, buzzier brands, and better commerce events. The company will continue to offer its personal care subscription called Refreshments as well.
“Our members love different aspects of what IPSY and BoxyCharm offer and we are thrilled to empower them with the benefits of both brands,” Jenna Habayeb, IPSY’s chief marketing officer, said. “BoxyCharm brings a trend-forward curated approach to merchandise, a community of die-hard beauty fans, and a robust commerce experience with the best deals. IPSY leverages proprietary AI technology that matches millions of members with products personalized for them coupled with a unique customization model where members can choose more products and add-on items that ship with their monthly box or bag. Each of these elements have made our individual brands compelling and unique, but now all of our members will get access to them, which is where we think the real magic happens.”

New Offerings

IPSY will now offer four subscriptions: their sample-size beauty subscription Glam Bag; a full-size beauty subscription, now BoxyCharm by IPSY; a quarterly celeb-curated collection called Icon Box; and clean, sustainable personal care subscription Refreshments.
Alongside the enhanced member experience, IPSY will have new features like Power Picks, guaranteed

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How This Beauty Writer-Turned-Entrepreneur Makes the Mediterranean Diet Accessible

Tatiana Boncompagni is taking inside-out beauty to the next level.

The veteran beauty writer, with bylines from Air Mail to The New York Times under her belt, is taking her food company Eat Sunny to new heights with a new partnership.

More from WWD

Boncompagni has inked a deal with Village Super Markets Inc. to distribute her organic, ready-made meals via Fairway and Gourmet Garage, starting next year.

For Boncompagni, the graduation from writer to founder happened organically. “As a young girl, I had always been interested in food,” she said. “Most kids grew up wanting to bake cookies, and I had always been interested in healthy food. I was an athlete growing up, my mom is Costa Rican, and she believed that health was beauty, and beauty is health.”

To that end, she develops her meals with nutrition in mind, likening the process to creating skin care formulations. “I almost think of myself as a cosmetic chemist building a formulation. What does a certain ingredient do for the skin or body?” she said. “That’s how I think about building a meal, both in terms of the macronutrients and the micronutrients we include. Then, we choose superfoods for each meal to maximize the nutrition.”

Among current menu options are banana kale waffles for breakfast, herb roasted wild salmon and vermicelli noodle salad with shrimp. “I love our poached chicken salad; it comes with this vegan sort of ranch dressing,” she said. “We do an amazing salad.”

Eat Sunny launched in early March 2020, just as the pandemic’s first wave hit New York, but it’s been quick to gain fans among the beauty and fashion crowds, from serial entrepreneur Bobbi Brown to Valentino’s corporate offices. “We’ve done activations for Neutrogena, Lancôme and Naturopathica,” Boncompagni added.

The meals incorporate Boncompagni’s nutritional

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