Celeb makeup artist and LA recording artist to launch digital-first beauty brand, Bakeup

British-born makeup artist Jo Baker and recording artist Grace Gaustad are set to launch a new digitally advanced makeup brand, which looks to blur the lines between real-life beauty and the metaverse.

Set to release autumn 2022, on the heels of Gaustad’s second album, Bakeup aims to provide shoppers with products that expand the traditional meaning of makeup.

The partnership between the duo was born from previous makeup collaborations, bringing together their joint idea of storytelling through artistic beauty.

Together with Gaustad’s mother, beauty entrepreneur Cristina Carlino, the team strived to bring a “wildly irreverent makeup line” to the market, a press release read, with Carlino acting as a mentor.

The digital-first brand will offer limited-edition eye embellishments as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for members of the non-fungible people (NFP) avatar community, augmented reality (AR) wearable filters for social media and real-life products available to purchase.

Alongside the launch, Bakeup will also be working together with Daz 3D, creators of the NFP NFT collection, to create makeup looks that can be worn, collected, traded and sold in the metaverse.

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