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Meet the Beauty Brands Making Products More Accessible to Those With Disabilities

Handicapable beauty experts and disability advocates are creating adaptive makeup and tools that address the needs of these largely underserved consumers.

How inclusive is the beauty industry? While “diversity” has become a buzzword in the past few years with many brands making strides to ensure their products are suitable for all gender identities, skin tones and body types, this conversation has largely overlooked the needs of the disabled community. Considering one in four adults in the U.S. has some type of disability, this is a huge oversight (not to mention a massive missed business opportunity). Now, a new crop of companies backed by handicapable beauty experts and disability advocates are making adaptive makeup and tools that address the needs of these largely underserved consumers.

The first issue with traditional beauty options is the usability of the products themselves.

“Depending on your vision, mobility and dexterity, many of us in the disability community need help with things like makeup or our personal care routines. This is simply because the products have not been made with us in mind,” explains Xian Horn, a disability advocate who herself has Cerebral Palsy. (She’s also the founder of Give Beauty Wings, a non-profit that runs self-esteem courses for those from marginalized communities.)

“Most of us need help to even engage with makeup or cleanser. Overwhelmingly, beauty and care products and packaging are not simple enough for us to use ourselves. If you’re leaving it to a personal care assistant or family member to help you, you may have less choice — especially if they have other ideas or are in a rush,” she adds.

“Often the disability is in the design, not the person,” Terri Bryant, a celebrity makeup artist and founder of accessible makeup brand Guide Beauty, concurs. After 25

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Ulta Beauty Launches Digital Innovation Fund, Prisma Ventures

Leading retailer invests in disruptive tech startups to unlock beautiful possibilities

BOLINGBROOK, Ill., August 03, 2022–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Ulta Beauty, the nation’s largest beauty retailer, today announced the official launch of Prisma Ventures, a digital innovation fund set to invest $20 million in emerging technology startups that seek to shape future online and in-store experiences by unlocking new technology that fuels greater discovery, personalization, and convenience.

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Ulta Beauty’s digital innovation fund will shape the future of retail and light the way for tomorrow’s visionaries and technology. (Photo: Ulta Beauty)

“Launching Prisma Ventures is yet another way Ulta Beauty innovatively leads and delivers forward-thinking retail experiences. We believe this fund presents opportunities for creative disruptors to further propel the industry forward,” said Prama Bhatt, chief digital officer, Ulta Beauty. “We set out to build lasting relationships with startups, welcoming them into our ecosystem, co-creating and experimenting in ways that tap each other’s expertise and ultimately leverage our resources to imagine – and reimagine – what’s next for retail and beauty.”

Established to accelerate innovation by nurturing long-term, strategic partnerships, the fund pairs Ulta Beauty’s size and scale with the agility and singular focus of tech startups. Beyond capital investment, Prisma Ventures provides access to the retailer’s deep expertise and resources. To optimize and meaningfully deliver disruptive technologies, fund participants will have access to Ulta Beauty’s innovation team, unparalleled consumer insights, and in-market testing opportunities.

Since its announcement at Ulta Beauty’s 2021 investor day, Prisma Ventures has partnered with and invested in a variety of start-ups including, Adeptmind, Revea, LUUM, and ReStyle. To date, these investments have enabled greater personalization and diagnosis within Ulta Beauty’s digital skin and hair experiences. The company does not intend for all investments

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