Tinder Is Shouting Queer Couples Their Dream Wedding & Here’s How To Throw Yr Veil In The Ring

Just gonna say it: Weddings are one of the best parts of life. From getting dolled up, to seeing your friends and family commit to loving each other in sickness and in health?

It brings a tear to my eye just THINKING about it.

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What also brings a tear to my eye is the cost. We all know that weddings aren’t cheap and in a cozzie livs crisis?? Well let’s just say the open bar won’t be open for much longer. 

That’s why, this Pride season, Tinder is helping five queer couples get hitched. Titled the ‘Big Tinder Wedding’, a national search is under way for queer couples who met the loves of their lives on the OG dating app. 

Tinder will then throw them an “unapologetically extra” wedding, on them. Yes, I just heard your bank accounts breathe a sigh of relief. 

Imagine it. Going ham on decorations, wedding attire and the cake of your god damn dreams. A team of wedding planners – lead by the one and only Brooke Blurton (AKA Tinder’s Chief Maid of Honour) – will also be there ready to help you bring the wedding of your dreams to life. 

And, if that’s not enough to thank your lucky stars you downloaded Tinder, the app will even make a contribution to the honeymoon of your dreams. Ca-CHING. 

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