On the Podcast: Catching Up With Erykah Badu

Once upon a time, on a Friday afternoon at the end of New York Fashion Week and the beginning of a holiday weekend, the Condé Nast offices at One World Trade were a ghost town—except for those of us waiting in the podcast studio. And then…like a magical apparition, or a fairy godmother, there was Ms. Erykah Badu herself. She was dressed as only a mythical creature such as she could be, in an ankle-grazing embroidered Otomi coat, thigh-high caramel suede Y/Project boots, a tie-dyed shorts sweatsuit that she later revealed she had slept in, a faux fur stovepipe hat, a red knit balaclava, and a visor with a goggle-type headpiece and silver horns that evades my powers of description.

The March cover star happily reunited with her profile’s brilliant author, Ms. Chioma Nnadi, and—after navigating the complicated task of fitting headphones over said horned-visor-thing—reminisced about her cover shoot on the beach in Los Angeles. Taking place on a cloudy fall day, it featured a mosaic of looks that were a “true collaboration” with fashion editor Alex Harrington, including the “perfect tattered T-shirt” that made its way into every shot, and was even worn as a nightshirt on the eve of the shoot to give it “good vibes.”

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