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Planning a Wedding? Here Are the 30 Best Mother-Son Wedding Songs!

There’s a lot that goes into wedding planning—from finalizing the wedding budget to orchestrating a bridal shower. But perhaps one of the least stressful, most fun parts of the planning process is choosing your music. And just as the happy couple gets to have their first dance, the groom and his mother typically take to the dance floor to share a memorable moment together as well.

Once you have the perfect song selected, you can decide if you want to practice and take dance lessons for a more formal dance number, or wing it on the day of the wedding. No matter how professional your steps are, the dance will be memorable and meaningful on its own—especially with a song selected that is special to both of you.

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For mothers, sons, or mother figures looking for mother-son wedding songs to dance to—from country ballads and classic rock to acoustic renditions and pop songs—these are our 30 best picks.

30 Best Mother-Son Wedding Songs


1. “Beautiful Boy” — John Lennon

Standout lyrics: “Before you go to sleep/ Say a little prayer/Every day, in every way/It’s getting better and better”

Though Lennon—a father—wrote “Beautiful Boy” after having his son Sean, this song is a classic mother-son dance song when it comes to weddings. As you’ve both grown, your relationship has changed but what remains is the classic nature of this song.

2. “Forever Young” — Rod Stewart

Standout lyrics: “But whatever road you choose/I’m right behind you win or lose”

Just when you feel like you’re going to stay forever young, you find yourself dancing with your child at his wedding. How’s that for growing up?

3. “My Wish” — Rascal Flatts

Standout lyrics: “If it’s cold outside, show the world

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