Newlywed shows off her wedding rings but gets utterly rinsed as people say they look like a toy & compare her to Barbie

YOUR ENGAGEMENT ring and wedding band might be the most expensive jewellery you’ll ever own.

Not only that, but considering most people wear them everyday for the rest of their lives, it’s important to have something you’ll love forever.

The bride showed off her massive rock on Facebook


The bride showed off her massive rock on Facebook

But when one excited bride-to-be proudly showed off her bling on Facebook, things didn’t quite go to plan.

After her wedding bands arrived she excitedly snapped a picture, before putting them back in the box ahead of the big day.

“I’m not married yet but my wedding bands just came in and I’m obsessed,” she captioned the pictures.

The images were then shared on the Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m wedding shaming’ where not everyone was a fan of the bride‘s bling.

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The huge pear-shaped pink stone has smaller diamond stones surrounding it and a matching wedding band with even more stones.

The anonymous user who shared the pictures wrote: “Girl put it back in the gum ball machine for a little kid to get.”

And she wasn’t the only one who thought the ring was a bit much, another user jabbed: “Excuse me! Gumball machine indeed!

“That is a fantastic accessory for the upcoming Barbie movie first!”

And another commented on the post: “These are like the rings from those bath bombs or candles.”

“Look I’m absolutely obsessed with pink and barbie theme etc but this makes me wanna gag lmao,” someone else wrote.

A third agreed: “Listen I love coloured gemstones for engagement rings but I feel like if the main stone is going to be a bright colour you gotta understate everything else otherwise it’s too much and looks like a cocktail ring instead of your engagement ring.

“I’m happy she’s happy but that is a

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