I Test Hundreds of Beauty Products a Month, and This Is Only the Second Concealer to Meet My Standards

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Concealer

Huda Beauty Faux Filter Concealer

Courtesy Huda Beauty

I stand by my proclamation that concealers are a good-in-theory, bad-in-practice bamboozle product. I also attest that there was previously only one exception for this, but in a shocking plot twist, a second concealer has entered the chat: Huda Beauty’s new #FauxFilter Luminous Matte Concealer.

It’s not that I am prejudiced against concealers — I have tried over 100 of them and their shortcomings follow similar patterns of chalkiness, thickness, and patchiness. But I persevered in my hunt for concealer greatness,  so when Huda Beauty’s #FauxFilter landed on my desk, I approached it with objective judgment and found that … I loved it.

Luminous Matte Buildable Coverage Crease Proof Concealer

Luminous Matte Buildable Coverage Crease Proof Concealer


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The concealer, which comes in 29 shades, is the third and latest launch in the #FauxFilter family, following a liquid and stick foundation. In all honesty, the foundations did not do it for me — the coverage and shade options  (39 to be exact) are impressive, but the thicker formula made  it more difficult to mix with my blush and highlighter. The concealer, on the other hand, caught me by surprise.

Here’s what it gets right: A diverse shade range should be expected in 2022, but Huda Beauty takes this a step further by making sure that you find beauty/makeup/how-choose-foundation” data-ylk=”slk:your undertone match, too” class=”link “your undertone match, too. The consistency of #FauxFilter is thin, silky, and deceptively moisturizing. When I first applied it to my face, I was worried that this was another chalky formula, but as I began to spread it with my fingers, it melted into my skin. The way it set after a minute was even more impressive — it looked like I had used a primer

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