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Santa Rosa man took off his ring to give his dog a bath 21 years ago and thought he’d lost it forever. Destiny had other ideas

This is the story of a lost ring, a desperate search and a dog named Sushi.

It’s also the story of serendipity, friendship and luck.

But perhaps, above all, it’s the story of enduring love and beshert — a Yiddish word that means, among other things, destiny.

It is a story that has been more than 50 years in the making, but we’ll begin last month when Hank Trione was doing yard work at his Santa Rosa home.

‘It went flying’

There was some ground cover near the front walkway that he wanted gone, and he gave one stubborn bunch a tug.

Up came the root, and with it an 8-inch knot of earth.

And the aforementioned ring.

“When I pulled the root out, it went flying,” Trione said. “It must have been entangled in the root.”

Trione put it in his pocket and kept working.

Only later did he look more closely at his find.

“I cleaned it up with an old toothbrush,” he said. “I could tell it was engraved, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

He aimed his phone at the engraving and blew it up. Nope. Then he called in his 17-year-old daughter for backup.

Together, they could make out four engraved letters: B-a-r-b. And a date: 8-6-72.

Curious, Trione decided to dig up something else: The file, replete with ownership documents and pulled permits from past owners, that he got when he bought the house on East Foothill Drive four years ago.

The previous owner’s name wasn’t Barbara, but the owners before that were Barbara and Gary Greensweig.

Trione knew where to go next.

Lynn and Gary Leopold have lived in the house across the street since 1986. They have been neighbors and friends with the Greensweigs now for more

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