Marilyn Bergeron: We can show our beauty like a stained-glass window

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The sun streaming through them creates something stunningly beautiful. Did you know, it’s the impurities such as metallic salts in the glass that produce the rich, deep colours? Their true splendour only appears when the sun shines through these stains.

It’s the same for us.

Let’s not spend out time counting our stains. Let us let the light of God’s grace shine through us. Often, we don’t realize how easy it is to let the light in.

Many people consider themselves impure, unworthy of God’s love, his grace, his forgiveness. They see others as holier, more prayerful, somehow better and believe all this makes them less valuable to God. They can’t imagine God would want to shine his light on them.

Others feel lost. They may have been deeply hurt by others and their sense of trust is broken. Perhaps they have made mistakes, done something they regret and don’t see a way back. Their lives haven’t turned out the way they planned.

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God loves perfectly. That doesn’t mean he condones bad behaviour any more than we do. He wants us to keep drawing closer to him and yes, that can be a challenge. Still, he loves us.

Like the glass stained with impurities, our weaknesses can show others the Lord’s grace when we open ourselves to his light.

What if we could shine the light of Christ on one another? People living on the street are children of God just as we are. So are criminals and bullies. So are our neighbours, our relatives and all the others we so easily judge.

What if we looked at others with this kind of respect and value as fellow children of God? What if we looked for their redeeming qualities and their need for our saviour’s redemption?

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