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The 17 Best Beauty Gifts for Valentine’s Day, From Fine Perfume to Soothing Bath Products

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Gifting beauty products is a tricky game, and the result can go one of two ways. Either you hit it out of the park, or your big swing turns into a big miss. That’s because many people have a particular regimen they stick to, ranging from the hair and skin brands to which they remain loyal (since it can be a gamble to switch away from the products that consistently deliver a good hair day or clear skin). Plus, things like makeup and nails are a matter of one’s own taste; it’s best not to guess which color palette or shade your giftee needs, and instead trust that they’ve got themselves covered in that department. How, then, can you ensure that the beauty gift is a guaranteed win, then? Here are a few tips, followed by our picks for the best products to gift for a special occasion.

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Gifting Tips for Beauty Products

The most important, overarching advice we can offer is to avoid anything too personal, too passive-aggressive, and too lazy. This usually boils down to the individual and your relationship to them, however.

Nothing too personal: On the one hand, you do want to give them a gift that feels thoughtful and personal, but again, things like nail/lip/blush colors and hair care products might be received poorly if it’s not exactly the product that they are already using. One exception could be if you find a perfect color match of a brand they’re using and it’s something elevated above what they’re already using. “I saw that you use lots of muted red lipsticks, so I got you a few from (this top-shelf

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