Beauty Subscriptions IPSY And BoxyCharm Merge Under IPSY Umbrella

Beauty subscription brands IPSY and BoxyCharm, which previously operated as separate businesses under the same parent company, are officially coming together under the IPSY umbrella.
The reimagined combined portfolio will offer the best of both worlds to their 20M+ community by coupling BoxyCharm’s focus on brands and merchandise with IPSY’s personalization, customization and operations.
This experience will be offered exclusively at IPSY’s website and on IPSY’s app.
IPSY saw a strategic opportunity to reinvent its business model to better serve members by integrating the portfolio—going from 6 beauty subscription options between IPSY and BoxyCharm to 3—and unlocking access to more personalization and customization, buzzier brands, and better commerce events. The company will continue to offer its personal care subscription called Refreshments as well.
“Our members love different aspects of what IPSY and BoxyCharm offer and we are thrilled to empower them with the benefits of both brands,” Jenna Habayeb, IPSY’s chief marketing officer, said. “BoxyCharm brings a trend-forward curated approach to merchandise, a community of die-hard beauty fans, and a robust commerce experience with the best deals. IPSY leverages proprietary AI technology that matches millions of members with products personalized for them coupled with a unique customization model where members can choose more products and add-on items that ship with their monthly box or bag. Each of these elements have made our individual brands compelling and unique, but now all of our members will get access to them, which is where we think the real magic happens.”

New Offerings

IPSY will now offer four subscriptions: their sample-size beauty subscription Glam Bag; a full-size beauty subscription, now BoxyCharm by IPSY; a quarterly celeb-curated collection called Icon Box; and clean, sustainable personal care subscription Refreshments.
Alongside the enhanced member experience, IPSY will have new features like Power Picks, guaranteed

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