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People Are Calling A Depop Seller “A Bad Person” After She Posted A Haul Of The Thrift Store Finds She Planned To Sell

Graphic of a person made of money in a thrift store.

Olive Burd for BuzzFeed News.

A vintage-clothing seller has become the center of outrage and debate about thrift stores and reselling secondhand clothes after posting a now-viral shopping haul on TikTok.

Jack (@jbwells2 on TikTok) runs her store Jack’s Vintage on the secondhand fashion app Depop. She posted a video on Jan. 24 where she tries on a variety of thrifted clothes, modeling skirts and jackets that she would later post to her online store. “This right here is the best thrift haul you will ever see,” she says, holding up a large bag overflowing with clothes.

Under the video, which has 5.8 million views as of Wednesday, TikTok commenters have been lambasting Jack for marking up and reselling the clothes — particularly a long fur-lined coat for $175 and a quilt-patterned skirt for $35 that one person found new on Amazon for $45.

Top searches for Jack’s username on TikTok include “jbwells controversy” and “jbwells is a bad person,” as some users compared her and other resellers to developers who buy buildings in lower-income neighborhoods and push out residents.

“i can’t explain it but girlies who resell on depop for a living give mini landlord energy,” one said. “Most of these girls are bulk buying in low income areas thinking they can turn a profit but ruin the way the thrift stores charge clothing,” another tweeted.

Inflated pricing on secondhand-shopping platforms like Depop and IRL vintage stores has received increasing scrutiny as more people online claim the practice of buying in bulk and selling at double or more the price is inherently unethical.

But Venetia La Manna, a fair fashion campaigner who was featured in an expository documentary about Shein, told BuzzFeed News that the main issue is big fast-fashion corporations, not individual sellers, calling

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