Tshepiso Leeyola Leola on beauty, love and a new journey

Meet 31-year-old Tshepiso Leeyola, a transgender make-up artist, model, and now a Youtuber.

She talks about all things beauty, her career, LGBTIQ+ activism, her brand new YouTube channel, and a little bit about her love life to celebrate the last days of the “month of love”.

Leeyola on the beauty industry and activism

Leeyola you are a woman of many talents but would you say that makeup artistry is the one profession that is closest to your heart?

Doing what I love for a living and getting paid for it is a true blessing. Makeup artistry is one of those and it will forever be close to my heart because it launched who Leeyola is in the creative space. It has landed me in spaces I never thought I would and I am truly grateful.

Do you consider yourself an LGBTQIA+ activist?

Definitely. Activism is quite broad. I’m pro-queer rights and I do my activism by sharing my experiences as a trans woman on my social platform now and again. So many queer people always come to me when I’m out or in my DMs telling me how much I’ve inspired them to come out to their families by just being my true self or how they love the work that I do. I am so thankful that we live in a technological era. We never had that privilege growing up, but young queer people today do.

How important do you think it is for people who have a platform like yours to be queer activists? And why do you think so?

Social media is a very powerful tool to get messages across and we use our platforms for different reasons. I use my platforms mainly to promote the work that I do and to make an impact in

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