Legowelt shows off his cheap ‘thrift store’ vintage synth collection

Dutch producer Legowelt is well-known for being a gear obsessive and synth nerd of the highest order. Our very own Future Music Magazine took a memorable tour of his studio back in 2014, but it seems that his collection has expanded by quite some degree since then.

In a new video from Thomann (opens in new tab), Legowelt takes us on a guided tour of his considerable synth collection, highlighting some lesser-known and inexpensive instruments that have a delightfully nostalgic sound. The producer talks about the instruments that shaped the soundtrack for his upcoming feature animation film, Ambient Trip Commander.

“I’m using a lot of ’80s home keyboards,” he says, showing us the JVC KB-700, a vintage keyboard with a rudimentary mono synth built in. Next up, he shows off the Yamaha PSS-480, a 2-operator FM synth that shares a chip with ’90s PC soundcards, lending it a curious sound that’s reminiscent of retro RPG games. 

Elsewhere in the studio tour, Legowelt singles out his Microstation, a petite early ’00s instrument from Korg that he describes as one of his favourite synthesizers. “It’s basically a micro version of the Korg Triton,” he tells us. “It can do these amazingly cool, Rhodes-style pianos that you can program really crazily, with amp simulations and filters.”  

Later in the video, Legowelt runs us through more contemporary synths – including a Sequential Oberheim OB-6 and the modern-day Prophet-5 – and a ton of vintage rackmount gear. We needn’t say more – dive in.”Legowelt’s Ambient Trip Commander is out now.  (opens in new tab)

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