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Paris’ Pick Their Favorite French Shopping Spots


On Freeform’s new dating series Love Trip: Paris, four American girls opt to jet away to a Parisian penthouse—all in search of love. Whether they find romantic love is still a mystery, but they did find Parisian boutiques. The four women—Caroline Renner, Rose Zillaba, Lacy Hartselle, and Josielyn Aguilera—often spent their downtime scouring the City Of Light’s vintage shops and off-the-beaten path outlets in search of that perfect ‘fit. Below, the cast fills us in on their favorite Parisian spots.

Kilo Shop

<p>Kilo Shop</p>

“I love going to the Kilo Shops, which are like Paris’s version of thrift stores. When we would have a day off, we’d just do a tequila shot and go to the Kilo Shop. It was so much fun just to sift through clothes.” — Caroline

“I found such beautiful unique items at the Kilo Shops, and they were just gorgeous. I love vintage pieces that either have been handcrafted or just look stunning or unique and different. They feel like they have a story behind them. That’s when something becomes less of a piece of clothing and something that’s more sentimental to me.” — Josielyn

“I’m a huge thrifter and a vintage person, and Paris is amazing for that. Obviously, it’s one of the greatest fashion cities in the world, so there are so many recycled pieces and different vintage stores to shop. The Kilo Shops are like a whole activity, especially for an American. Even going to the grocery store can be overwhelming in Paris when you’re trying to translate everything. At the Kilo Shops, you just look at the color of the tag and then around the store. They have these scales and you just put your stuff on top and then figure out how much it will

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