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Castaways Vintage Cafe combines healthy food, thrift store finds

Up next. We’re headed to *** popular spot where they blend healthy grub with vintage clothing. Bianca owns the place. I decided to open *** healthy foods cafe because there weren’t really any options in Gloucester for it, I found *** lot of people wanted, you know, *** smoothie or bowl to start their morning. So we kind of created that for them. Our most unique food on our menu here is *** sybil yes, give me all the ***. C. E. And for those, I’m not familiar with *** C. What is it exactly? Because to be honest I have no idea either. I just overheard someone talking about it at yoga class. Iii is *** super food from the amazon. It’s *** berry. We blend it in the base with strawberries, bananas and coconut milk to make like *** thick smoothie base and then it’s topped with granola, strawberries, blueberries and bananas. We have *** variety of smoothies. We never add powder, ice or sugar. Our most popular. These probably are glow green spinach, kale, pineapple, banana and coconut milk. So it’s super healthy for you but it doesn’t taste super healthy for you. It tastes really sweet and good for you. We offer lattes, cappuccinos, ice mochas cold brew kind of any coffee you can desire, you heard Bianca correctly, any coffee that you desire, they have at castaways. But what if you just want whatever everyone else. Our most popular coffee drink here at castaways is definitely our ice mocha people come almost every day to get it, it’s really refreshing. Not only does castaways have all the drinks but you can also up cycle your wardrobe when you visit personally. I loved drifting. I thought that there are so many clothes out there that were … Read the rest