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Big 10: Unusual/unforgettable wedding experiences | News

This being “You May Kiss the Bride” season, we asked those in the wedding business to tell us about their most unusual/unforgettable matrimony memory.

Lekevie Johnson

The Rev. Lekevie Johnson (Provided)

THE REV. LEKEVIE JOHNSON, pastor, Champaign’s Mount Calvary Missionary Baptist Church

“Think about a church setting and the music that is customary in the church.

“Then think about the look on the crowd’s face when the bride walks down the center aisle to rap artist Nelly’s 2002 hit ‘Hot In Herre.’

“The whispers, loud laughter and facial expressions spoke volumes. In the words of one of the seniors of the congregation, ‘She played the reception song at the wedding.’”

Stanley Deptula

Msgr. Stanley Deptula

MSGR. STANLEY DEPTULA, pastor, Champaign’s St. Matthew Catholic Church

“No matter how much we encourage or expect our brides to select modest wedding dresses for church, they often push the envelope as far as they can.

“Since the bride and groom kneel through much of the ceremony and the priest is often up on a step of the sanctuary, well, you can perhaps understand one of the reasons for modesty.

“Once, when distributing Holy Communion, the Sacred Host slipped off the bride’s tongue and went right down her dress. I don’t even remember what happened next, but I am sure somehow, the Eucharist was reverently retrieved.”

Fleurish Champaign (owned by Sarah Compratt)

Fleurish of Champaign (Josh McNattin)

SARAH COMPRATT, florist, owner of Champaign’s Fleurish

“Late ’90s. Big Sur. Clothing optional.

“Naked bride, naked groom, naked guests, lots of strategically placed flowers.”

Jim Greenfield

Jim Greenfield (Robin Scholz/The News-Gazette)

JIM GREENFIELD, president, Champaign’s Spritz Fine Jewelry

“Years ago, the best man threw a party for his brother at a local bar. During the wild evening, the best man reached in his pocket and pulled out by mistake the rings that were to be presented at the wedding the

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