Hudsonville store in possession of popular sweater

HUDSONVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — A Hudsonville thrift shop is generating a lot of buzz after a sweater seen on a popular TV series was brought to their store.

Grant Me Hope Thrift Store on Balsam Drive has struggled with foot traffic in its year and a half of being open. It now has newfound attention, however, after a customer posted about a sweater she found in the store on Facebook.

“It really just started from our customer having that ability to say this looks really similar to something I just saw on TV the other day and then it immediately blew up,” said Ashleigh O’Donnell, Grant Me Hope Thrift Store manager.

The sweater is a replica of one worn by Kitty Forman in “That ’70s Show” and “That ’90s Show.” Since it was posted in the Weird and Wonderful Secondhand Finds Facebook group, which has nearly three million members, the thrift store find has gone international.

“I have received messages from people in Australia, Netherlands, Canada,” O’Donnell said.

Shoppers in West Michigan have also flocked to the thrift store.

“I love ‘That ’70s Show,’” said Michelle Kitler, a local shopper. “I work a mile away from here. So, I was like no way I have to go get it.”

O’Donnell said the sweater isn’t intended to be a cash cow, but they’re grateful that it’s put their true mission in the spotlight, which is funding introductory videos for children in foster care.

“That way potential adoptive parents get to know these kids more and hopefully get them adopted before they age out,” O’Donnell said.

Supporters of Grant Me Hope Thrift are in awe about the reaction the store has seen.

“I feel like this is very beneficial that they have gained this spotlight and I’ve read some of the comments

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15 suspects involved in robbery at Chanel store

WASHINGTON (DC News Now) — The Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) said that around 15 people robbed the downtown Chanel Store on Sunday.

Police said that about 15 suspects wearing masks and hoods came into the Chanel store in the 900 block of I Street NW at about 2:40 p.m. 

Police said one of the suspects sprayed a fire extinguisher in the store, causing a disturbance and loud noise. The suspects then took a number of items without paying for them and left the store on foot and car.

These suspects are wanted in connection to a robbery at Chanel that happened on Sunday.

Police said it was unclear how much merchandise was stolen.

“I am so frustrated with that. Honestly, we do need more supervision for these children, running around these streets acting like little hoodlums,” said Keva Bates, who shops at City Center.

“Nobody wants to keep getting robbed. And they may have insurance, however, it still affects the economy, which trickles down to the rest of us,” she said.

“I think there’s clearly a market for secondhand luxury good,” said Laurel Peltier, who was in town from Baltimore.

Chanel bags on eBay are listed for thousands of dollars.

“And, I think also they’ve been trained that it works. You get some really brazen people, they’re going to go into a Chanel in D.C. and do it, no one can catch them and then there’s buyers for it,” she said.

In addition to the released photos above, police also released pictures of suspect vehicles — including a white Infiniti and a black Acura.

These vehicles are wanted in connection to a robbery at Chanel
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Syringa thrift donates $100k to hospital in past year | News

GRANGEVILLE — “Everything is going well, and our fall mailer has brought in about $10k so far,” Syringa Foundation director and thrift store manager Kristi Brooks reported at the Jan. 24 trustee meeting.

Brooks said the thrift store is doing “wonderful,” and will celebrate its opening anniversary in April. The Syringa Auxiliary Thrift Store originally opened its doors in 2002.

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Tacoma community rallies to fund store that was broken into

Faeryn Stevens, seated, and Kelly Costello had their business near the Tacoma Mall broken in to last week. They lost more than just merchandise.week. They lost more than just merchandise.” loading=”lazy”/

Faeryn Stevens, seated, and Kelly Costello had their business near the Tacoma Mall broken in to last week. They lost more than just merchandise.

The News Tribune

The Tacoma community is rallying around a pair of shop owners whose store was broken into last week.

Black Sheep Resale, situated near the Tacoma Mall, specializes in buying and selling vintage accessories and is known as a safe space for members of the LGBTQ community. Thieves broke into the store late last week and stole around $5,000 of merchandise, cash and photography equipment.

Faeryn Stevens, one of the store’s two owners, created a GoFundMe on Wednesday to raise $10,000 to replace the stolen equipment and repair damages caused by the thieves.

As of Friday afternoon, people had donated just under $2,000. Stevens said Friday in an interview with the The News Tribune that many donations had come from around the United States, along with encouragement not to give up on the shop.

The shop closed down temporarily as Stevens and co-owner Kelly Costello addressed security concerns. Stevens also said they considered giving up on the store following the break-in but are tied into a two-year lease on their space.

“We have had to close for a week in order to make sure we are a safe space once we reopen,” Stevens wrote in the GoFundMe description. “Anything you can spare to keep our dream alive is greatly appreciated.”

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Mission’s thrift store hosts soft re-launch

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (KELO) — The Union Gospel Mission’s thrift store in downtown Sioux Falls is back open, nearly two months after a burst pipe flooded the building back in December. The thrift store held a soft opening Thursday. Customers are thankful to be returning, once again.

Issac Chitwood is staying at the Union Gospel Mission so a shopping spree at the Mission’s remodeled and reopened thrift store was simply a matter of walking across the street.

“Yeah, I’m homeless and work there in the kitchen and so I figure I could come over here and look for some good values,” Chitwood said.

Many of the customers, like Chitwood, are looking for warm weather gear. The thrift store has been restocked with donated items replacing the merchandise that was damaged when the building flooded in December. Those who cannot afford to pay for the items, get them for free.

“I love it, I love it because it’s not like, you ask them for something, they help you out, all you gotta do is ask. They appreciate. I always come here. I’ve been wearing the same clothes for several days,” Louis Running Bear said.

Even though this is a soft opening, the Mission management says it’s important to start getting clients through the doors again to meet the pent-up demand that’s built-up over the winter.

“When they’re standing, lining up at our door and we’re not open, that’s a tough deal,” Union Gospel Mission CEO Eric Weber said.

Many of the clients received clothing and necessities at other non-profits in the community while the thrift store was closed for repairs. But satisfied customers, like Running Bear, are grateful the store is back open so they can face the hardships of a

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Unseen photo of JFK assassination found hidden in Texas thift store

A previously unpublished photograph of John F Kennedy’s motorcade snapped minutes before his assassination in Dallas in 1963 has been unearthed in a Texas thrift-store” data-ylk=”slk:second hand store;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “second hand store.

George Rebeles made the extraordinary discovery inside a used Bachman Turner Overdrive compact disc case that he bought at the Souls Harbor Thrift Store in the city of Ferris, according to local news site” data-ylk=”slk:WFAA;elm:context_link;itc:0″ class=”link “WFAA.

Mr Rebeles told WFAA he opened the case about a month after making the purchase, and was stunned to see the black and white Polaroid photo with the date of 11-22-63 handwritten on the back.

“How this could have ended up in a small town thrift store, fascinates me,” Mr Rebeles told the ABC affiliate.

JFK historian Farris Rookstool told WFAA that the photo appeared to have been taken as the presidential motorcade left Love Field Airport.

According to the JFK Library, the president and wife Jackie Kennedy Onassis arrived at Love Field at 11.38am after taking a short flight from Fort Worth on the morning of 22 November 1963.

A photo taken on the day of John F Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in 1963 has been unearthed in a Texas <a href=thrift store (WFAA)” src=”–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjt3PTk2MDtoPTUzOA–/″/

A photo taken on the day of John F Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas in 1963 has been unearthed in a Texas thrift store (WFAA)

The president’s limousine left the airport for the 10 mile ride into downtown Dallas, where he was shot at Dealey Plaza at around 12.30pm. The Warren Commission would later rule that Lee Harvey Oswald was solely responsible for JFK’s murder.

However, questions and conspiracies have continued to swirl around the assassination, and investigators continue to push for the government to release all of its classified files.

The National Archives and Records Administration released more than 13,000 documents about the assassination in December,

Mr Rookstool told

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Thrift store: Help wanted

SIOUX FALLS, SD (KELO) — The Union Gospel Mission in Sioux Falls officially opened the doors to its thrift store Monday after hosting a soft-launch last week. The store had been closed for nearly two months after getting flooded by a burst pipe the day after Christmas. It was quickly repaired and the shelves re-stocked, but it couldn’t reopen until they could hire enough workers. Yet the business expects to thrive in spite of a staffing shortage.

Maddie Schei’s tenure as a thrift store employee lasted just one shift in December.

“I have one day here and then the flood happened,” Schei said.

Schei has been a community health worker at the Union Gospel Mission since August, but was called in to help with a staffing shortage at the thrift store. Then, a frozen pipe burst on the third floor, flooding much of the building.

“It was raining from the floor. And we had 98-percent humidity in here and it was just heartbreaking. Now I look at it, and it’s like wow,” Union Gospel Mission CEO Eric Weber said.

That wow factor is courtesy of volunteers in the community who worked quickly to repair the damage.

“Even the crew people that were here doing the water extraction was like, we can’t believe this was done in three weeks,” Weber said.

People also donated items to replace the merchandise that flooded. The plan was to open the thrift store by February first. But the mission just couldn’t find enough workers to hit the target date.

“We need people to haul in the donations, we need people to like run the till. We need people to go through the donations, sort them, so there’s kind of a lot of aspects we have

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New John F. Kennedy assassination photo found in Texas thrift store

A Texas man hunting for treasure in a local thrift store accidentally came across a piece of tragic history reportedly never seen by the public.

George Rebeles purchased a used copy of rock band Bachman-Turner Overdrive’s music CD “The Anthology,” and inside it he found an original black and white Polaroid photograph of President John F. Kennedy moments before he was shot.

The photo shows Kennedy inside his motorcade as it left Dallas Love Field Airport nearly 60 years ago. The date 11-22-63 is handwritten on the back.

After finding the photo, Rebeles said he had many questions, including “the timeline, and where it fits in to the President being assassinated, and how this could have ended up in a small town thrift store fascinates me.”

According to the JFK Library, the president and First Lady Jackie Kennedy arrived at Love Field at 11:38 a.m. Kennedy was shot in downtown Dallas around 12:30 p.m. 

According to JFK historian Farris Rookstool, the picture appears to have been taken as the presidential motorcade left the airport.

But while it captures a moment in American history, the picture most likely isn’t worth much. Rookstool said the people in the photo looking away from the camera and a door to the motorcade being closed instead of slightly ajar, a detail seen in other photographic evidence of the shooting, lowers the picture’s monetary value.

Rebeles meanwhile said he’s interested in learning who took the picture and how it ended up inside a used CD case in a second-hand store.

“I’m not a huge conspiracy nut or anything like that, but sometimes things don’t quite add up,” he said.

Rebeles found the photo at Souls Harbor Thrift Store in the city of Ferris near Dallas.

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Store closing after 23 years on Middle Street in downtown New Bern

Middle Street Antiques is going out of business after 23 years on Middle Street.

Middle Street Antiques is going out of business after 23 years on Middle Street.

Have you ever strolled the streets of downtown New Bern and been captured by the life-size statue of Elvis that sits in front of a charming store full of hidden treasures? Now you will have to look just a little further down the street to see Elvis. The store is closing its doors.

Middle Street Antiques is holding a “going out of business” sale. It has been located at 221 Middle St. for 23 years.

Owner Gail Northington, formerly Gail Clark, said she will be retiring when the store closes at the end of August.

Northington is a native of Havelock and has worked in retail for many years beginning at Bob Clark Pharmacy, also located in Havelock.


She started her current business in a booth at Poor Charlie’s and held booths at several other locations prior to opening the downtown store.

The antique and collectibles store features an array of treasures such as vintage jewelry pieces, porcelain and bottles, glassware, décor pieces and artworks and refined furnishings.

More: store features antiques and collectibles” class=”link “New James City thrift store features antiques and collectibles

Middle Street Antiques is located at 221 Middle St. and will close at the end of August.

Middle Street Antiques is located at 221 Middle St. and will close at the end of August.

The items listed in the going out of business sale price are currently at 50% off their original price.

Northington said she has collected pieces from all over the world as well as received items from local residents who were downsizing.

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I’ve loved every minute of being here on Middle Street,” Northington said. “I have met the nicest people and that’s going to be

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Children’s thrift store is latest new business to open in downtown Dover-Foxcroft

DOVER-FOXCROFT, Maine — Giving birth just nine days ago didn’t stop Shania Wooding from opening a new business in downtown Dover-Foxcroft.

The Children’s Closet, which opened on July 24 at 122 East Main St., sells gently used children’s clothing, shoes and toys and baby gear such as strollers and high chairs, among other items. Wooding, who co-owns the business with her husband, Jacob Wooding, also hopes to offer a rack of maternity clothing in the coming weeks.

The Dexter couple and first-time business owners recognized a need for such a store because Dover-Foxcroft and surrounding towns are located in Piscataquis, the poorest and one of the most rural counties in Maine. The new shop shows families they don’t need to spend large amounts of money to find quality items, and it makes another shopping option available without having to travel to Bangor.

This is the kind of store that new and young parents need, Shania Wooding said.

Jacob and Shania Wooding, owners of The Children’s Place. Credit: Courtesy of Shania Wooding

The business joins others that recently opened, including Tap 62: The Lounge in town and Black Stream Disc Golf in Sangerville.

Wooding began shopping at children’s goods resale and consignment businesses when she became a mother, and it got her thinking about opening her own place someday.

“I couldn’t necessarily afford everything that I wanted to get for him [her son],” she said. “I’ve always shopped at resale stores and realized I didn’t need to buy things at full price.”

The Woodings have four children — two boys and two girls, including their newborn son, Job. They’re running the business on their own for the time being. If the store sees success, they would consider growing their team, Shania Wooding said.

Most of the items in the store

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