Rita Ora’s Wedding Ring Makes Its First Public Appearance In Style

Rita Ora has a new bling that she is never taking off!

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for the award-winning songstress, a large green gem is all she needs. After months of suspense, the Kosovo native is finally sharing details about her relationship with Taika Waititi.

The lovebirds have mostly kept their romance under wraps, including their secret nuptials. Although the spouses are yet to reveal the exact date they tied the knot, Ora recently gave fans a first-time view of her stunning engagement ring.

The 32-year-old made the big reveal on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she flaunted her jewelry and spilled juicy details about her marriage. Keep scrolling for more!

Rita Ora’s Wedding Ring Makes Its First Public Appearance In Style

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at the 2022 MTV EMAs show at the PSD Bank Dome

As a celebrated artist, the “How We Do” singer is no stranger to making headlines for her music and red-carpet looks. However, the Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo ate and left no crumbs on the February 1 episode of Fallon’s talk show.

The showrunners shared a clip of the memorable interview on their YouTube account, allowing fans to enjoy the unforgettable night worldwide. For her appearance, Ora stepped out in a silvery number featuring a sexy two-piece. 

Dressed to impress millions, the Glamour Award winner flashed her abs in a silver crop top and flaunted her model-like legs in a matching silver mini skirt. While the top consisted of a simple long-sleeve design with a turtleneck, the bottom had a beautiful ruffled hem.

The chic look was completed with a pair of black stilettos and minimal jewelry to compliment the eye-catching outfit. Although the “Grateful” artist shone like a star, all eyes were on the giant gem on her ring finger.

The 32-year-old flashed her wedding ring for the cameras,

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Classic Simple & Fresh Sage Green Lainston House Wedding

WWW followers Leanne and Richard are kindly sharing their beautiful Lainston House wedding in Hampshire with us. Their day was classic in style with a clean aesthetic and some seriously stylish outfits. You’re going to love it!

There was a sublime sage green and white colour scheme with pretty blooms and lots of romantic candles. In fact, their whole wedding lighting scheme was so magical! I adore the sweet owl ring bearers, the pretty confetti moment and the striking portraits in the gardens.

Thanks ever so much to Chloë Caldwell Photography for sharing with us these truly stunning images. Take in every fantastic moment and their words of advice at the end too.

Leanne and Richard on WWW

I was a follower during the planning process. I downloaded a lot of the wedding planning charts and the seating plans which I found really useful as I like to have charts, lists, and be organised.

Lainston House Wedding Chloe Caldwell Photography Wooden Welcome Sign Pallet Perfume Bridal Shoes Lainston House Wedding Chloe Caldwell Photography Bride Bridesmaid PJs Lainston House Wedding Chloe Caldwell Photography

Lainston House Wedding

The Proposal

Rich is originally from Winchester so we regularly go back there for days out, lunches etc and we usually take walks up St Giles Hill because I love the view.

We were celebrating Christmas together early as I’d be flying home to Dublin to be with my family and he was staying in Southampton, we had a lovely day in Winchester planned and when we took our walk up to St Giles Hill he got down on one knee at the viewing deck.

He has always said that he wanted to propose somewhere that would never change and that we could always go back to.

The Vision

Before I started actually planning, I thought I wanted this huge day with lots of additions like lights, photo booths etc. But actually, when it came to the planning, I realised I just

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Wedding tips for soon-to-be brides and grooms

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) — Planning a wedding can turn any bride into Bridezilla real quickly. The many tasks that are taken on by the bride and groom can leave them tired before the wedding bells ring. 19-year-old, Julie Davenport is hoping to put couples at ease. She found her passion for providing those in the area with their dream wedding at a young age and began reaching out to those already in the industry to see how she could make her own dreams become a reality.

Now she is the owner and lead planner of Forever Weddings. She shared tips with LETN about how to keep the stress out of wedding planning as much as possible.

“Our team is here to keep you stress free,” Davenport said. “We do full planning as well as just day-of coordination. We want you to be able to be excited to get married and not worried about the details. We want your family to be stress free as well,” she said.

The young planner’s biggest tips involve sitting down with those who are helping plan the wedding and come up with a rough draft of what it will all look like. Then consider the budget. With those two steps alone, it can help keep everyone at ease.

To learn more about Forever Weddings or for more tips, visit Davenport’s website.

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Tinder Is Shouting Queer Couples Their Dream Wedding & Here’s How To Throw Yr Veil In The Ring

Just gonna say it: Weddings are one of the best parts of life. From getting dolled up, to seeing your friends and family commit to loving each other in sickness and in health?

It brings a tear to my eye just THINKING about it.

tinder-is-shouting-queer-couples-their-dream-wedding/attachment/jersey-shore/” data-orig-file=”” data-orig-size=”500,281″ data-comments-opened=”0″ data-image-meta=”{"aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"0"}” data-image-title=”jersey shore” data-image-description=”” data-image-caption=”” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″ width=”500″ height=”281″ src=”″ srcset=” 320w, 640w, 720w” sizes=”100vw” loading=”lazy” class=”attachment-image size-large wp-image-1804108 aligncenter” alt=”Tinder Is Shouting Queer Couples Their Dream Wedding & Here’s How To Throw Yr Veil In The Ring” data-image-config-handle=”content-default” data-image-cache-status=”not-cached” data-image-provider=”vip”/

What also brings a tear to my eye is the cost. We all know that weddings aren’t cheap and in a cozzie livs crisis?? Well let’s just say the open bar won’t be open for much longer. 

That’s why, this Pride season, Tinder is helping five queer couples get hitched. Titled the ‘Big Tinder Wedding’, a national search is under way for queer couples who met the loves of their lives on the OG dating app. 

Tinder will then throw them an “unapologetically extra” wedding, on them. Yes, I just heard your bank accounts breathe a sigh of relief. 

Imagine it. Going ham on decorations, wedding attire and the cake of your god damn dreams. A team of wedding planners – lead by the one and only Brooke Blurton (AKA Tinder’s Chief Maid of Honour) – will also be there ready to help you bring the wedding of your dreams to life. 

And, if that’s not enough to thank your lucky stars you downloaded Tinder, the app will even make a contribution to the honeymoon of your dreams. Ca-CHING. 

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“Imagine say e crash” – Groom uses drone to bring wedding ring

A wedding video has gone viral on social media after the groom made his wedding ring arrive at the venue in a drone.

The groom employed the services of his best man who made a grand entrance into the venue with the wedding ring on a drone.

The best man then reached out his hand towards the drone which was high up in the air as he waited for it to land.

After the drone landed, he took out the ring and handed them over to the groom.

“He brought the wedding ring on a plane. If I don’t get this on my wedding then there’s no wedding”, the caption of the video read.

Reacting to the video, @Lizzy ❤️ said: “Plane ke 😂😂😂 drone done turn plane 😂😂😂😂💔 my country people 😭💔😂”.

@joky reacted: “All this doesn’t matter but a happy home”.

@~itz_Kelly wrote: “Plane abi camera lol this our country sef funny people😂.”

@E.bruno said: “What if the plane com crash for road😂😂, well congratulations tho.”

@oluwashindaraade1 reacted: “Ha, this is drone ooooo not plane ooo, God i thank you say i quickly commot for village ooooo, if not i for dey called bicycle car🤣🤣.”

Watch the video below:

video-id=”7199300496761441542″ data-embed-from=”oembed” style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;”


If i dont get this on my wedding then there’s no wedding 😩😂 #fypシ゚viral #wedding #bestman #ring #marriedcouple #viral #tiktokghana🇬🇭 #dramatiktok #izy_cre8tives

♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

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Newlywed shows off her wedding rings but gets utterly rinsed as people say they look like a toy & compare her to Barbie

YOUR ENGAGEMENT ring and wedding band might be the most expensive jewellery you’ll ever own.

Not only that, but considering most people wear them everyday for the rest of their lives, it’s important to have something you’ll love forever.

The bride showed off her massive rock on Facebook


The bride showed off her massive rock on Facebook

But when one excited bride-to-be proudly showed off her bling on Facebook, things didn’t quite go to plan.

After her wedding bands arrived she excitedly snapped a picture, before putting them back in the box ahead of the big day.

“I’m not married yet but my wedding bands just came in and I’m obsessed,” she captioned the pictures.

The images were then shared on the Facebook group ‘That’s it, I’m wedding shaming’ where not everyone was a fan of the bride‘s bling.

I’m a bridesmaid – I transformed my ‘frumpy’ dress but people have a big concern
I'm a wedding planner - why you shouldn't wear a bra on the morning of your big day

The huge pear-shaped pink stone has smaller diamond stones surrounding it and a matching wedding band with even more stones.

The anonymous user who shared the pictures wrote: “Girl put it back in the gum ball machine for a little kid to get.”

And she wasn’t the only one who thought the ring was a bit much, another user jabbed: “Excuse me! Gumball machine indeed!

“That is a fantastic accessory for the upcoming Barbie movie first!”

And another commented on the post: “These are like the rings from those bath bombs or candles.”

“Look I’m absolutely obsessed with pink and barbie theme etc but this makes me wanna gag lmao,” someone else wrote.

A third agreed: “Listen I love coloured gemstones for engagement rings but I feel like if the main stone is going to be a bright colour you gotta understate everything else otherwise it’s too much and looks like a cocktail ring instead of your engagement ring.

“I’m happy she’s happy but that is a

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap:Akshara doubts Anisha’s intentions

After lots of surprises in Akshara and Abhimanyu’s lives, the latest episode of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai brings new drama by an unwanted guest in the Birla family. While they prepare for Abhimanyu’s surgery, Kairav and Anisha get ready for their wedding day. Read this article for all updates. (Also read: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recap: Suhasini asks Anisha to give up acting)

Wedding date gets fixed

Suhasini has put an unexpected and shocking demand against Anisha. She demands that Anisha chooses between her acting career in Mumbai and her relationship with Kairav. Kairav, Akshara, and Abhimanyu try to protest but Anisha accepts Suhasini’s condition. Mahima instantly proposes a date of marriage, ten days from the present day. Everyone remains taken aback by her hurry, but she clearly wants the wedding to take place before Anisha changes her mind. It will be interesting to see how a wedding that has begun with so many conditions and suspicions, will end. Keep reading HT highlights to know more.

Meanwhile, Mahima comes to Akshara to give her the responsibility of keeping both families together. Harsh also informs about Abhimanyu’s upcoming appointments that Akshara needs to handle. Moreover, she gets a call for the third round of auditions. Amidst these many duties, another huge shock awaits Akshara.

Akshara starts doubting Anisha

Wedding preparations have started with full grandeur and it’s time for the engagement party. Kairav brings some designs for Anisha to choose from but she decides to buy the ring from elsewhere. They arrive at a showroom to look for the rings, wherein Akshara notices Anisha is constantly distracted by her phone. Akshara notices that someone keeps calling Anisha, which she keeps discarding. She worries about her and asks her to take the call somewhere else if not in front

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‘This is all going wrong’

What could be more nerve-racking than a wedding proposal? Popping the question has got to be anxiety-inducing even if you know the person will say yes.

TikToker @aidanfrompostoak organized quite the adorable proposal in bed for his girlfriend. The only trouble was their son Michael wouldn’t quite cooperate. In the end, the little guy’s shenanigans just made the special day even more memorable.

Auto insurance rates are increasing in 2022 — here’s how to prepare

“When your proposal goes a little different than you expected,” the father’s caption read.

Michael had one job, and it was an important one: Deliver the ring to mommy in bed. But the arduous journey from the hall to the bedroom was full of treachery. On Michael’s way into the bedroom, he gently tripped over the baby gate and planted himself on the carpet.

The father couldn’t stop laughing, but that wasn’t the end of it. When Michael approached the bed where mom was, he instantly threw the ring on the floor. Then he went for a bag of Chips Ahoy! under the bed.

Euphoria’ star Angus Cloud shares fun facts about himself in a game of IYKYK:

“Give that to mommy, and you can have a cookie,” the father told Michael.

But instead, Michael went for the cookies again.

“This is all going wrong!” the father said, laughing.

The adorable video racked up 10 million views and 1.8 million likes.

“I love how there’s cookies under the bed, and he knew exactly where they were,” a user wrote.

“Diamonds are forever, but snacks are for life,” another replied.

“I love that he fell then got right back up. Lil man was on a mission,” a TikToker said.

Shop all of Christian Cowan’s high-fashion looks from his In The

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Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Wedding Ideas in Peach & Green

I adore how magical this Wizard of Oz Emerald City wedding ideas shoot is. There was a sparkly dreamy gown, whimsical paper flowers and twinkling lighting, which was so atmospheric!

The enchanting table set up features bright green glassware and paper poppies. Then there was the ceremony backdrop, complete with wooden doors and giant flower cut outs.

From the pretty bouquet to the intricate cake and stunning accessories. Be prepared to be blown away.

Claire Gutierrez Photography, thank you ever so much for sharing these otherworldy wedding ideas with us.

Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Heart Ring Box

Wizard Of Oz Emerald City Wedding Ideas

Take your wedding day Over The Rainbow with inspiration from this Emerald City styled shoot all the way from Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Green Greenery Stationery Invitation Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Drinks Trolley Cocktails Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography

Luna y Sol created colorful, paper poppies to play off of the whimsical, make believe feel that is Wizard of Oz and also created giant painted poppies to make the ceremony space stand out. The concept was to create an elegant ode to the classic without it getting kitsch.

Green Cake Peach Flowers Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Cake Peach Flowers Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Door Backdrop Large Paper Flowers Festoon Lights Ceremony Aisle Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography

Every moment in this shoot was inspired by some element of the Wizard of Oz from the pink sparkling gown and the groom’s alternative to a boutonnière, all the way to the location, lighting, and dessert.

They paired the florals with green, vintage depression glassware and played off of the sparkling Emerald City image with gold, antique accents and lots of clear glass elements. 

Door Backdrop Large Paper Flowers Festoon Lights Ceremony Aisle Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Paper Poppies Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Poppies Paper Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Poppies Paper Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography

The GirlieBird&Co venue in Albuquerque, New Mexico made the perfect backdrop to this look.

Not only do they have a beautifully manicured lawn that feels like a secret garden, they also have a unique, outdoor “chapel” with a gorgeous carved door and mismatched vintage and antique seating.

Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Poppies Paper Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Poppies Paper Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography Green Table Glasses Decor Peach Poppies Paper Flowers Candles Centrepiece Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photography

Liesa the owner was a gracious host and anyone staying at her property will appreciate her kindness and hospitality. 

Bouquet Flowers Bride Bridal Pink Peach Paper Poppy Rose Green Wizard Oz Emerald City Wedding Claire Gutierrez Photographycity

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Marvin and Rochelle Humes renew wedding vows on 10-year anniversary

Marvin and Rochelle Humes have revealed they have renewed their wedding vows to celebrate their 10th anniversary on Wednesday.

The pair, who each found fame as part of hit British bands JLS and The Saturdays, married in 2012 in a ceremony at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

Announcing the news on Instagram, Marvin shared a picture of his wife’s hand resting on his, with their wedding rings in clear view.

Alongside the image, the singer and presenter who found fame on ITV singing competition The X Factor, wrote: “Yes we did it all again!!! Ten down forever to go.”

Former member of The Saturdays Rochelle posted the same image with the caption: “Oops we did it again.. Ten down forever to go…” with a variety of emojis.

The couple had previously hinted at their plans to renew their vows with Instagram posts earlier in the day after Marvin shared a touching image of the pair during their original wedding ceremony, accompanied by the caption: “10 years ago to the day! So proud of us Rochy..should we do it all again?” on which his wife commented “YES”.

Rochelle also posted an image of the couple embracing at the alter on their original wedding day and wrote: “10 years ago today I got to marry my soul mate … in these pictures I had no idea what would be in store but it’s been nothing but pure magic.. @marvinhumes ready to do it all again?! #tendownforevertogo.”

The couple, who have both gone on to become TV presenters, share two daughters and a son.

A number of famous faces left messages of congratulations and well-wishes on both Marvin and Rochelle’s announcement posts.

Former The Only Way Is Essex star Billie Faiers wrote on Rochelle’s post: “Huge congratulations to you both.”

While a second Towie

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