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Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker shocks fans as he shares gruesome image of his major injury

KOURTNEY Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker has left fans stunned with a photo of his gruesome injury.

The Blink-182 drummer previously revealed that he’d been hurt but did not share the gory details.

Kourtney Kardashian's husband Travis Barker stunned fans with his injury


Kourtney Kardashian’s husband Travis Barker stunned fans with his injuryCredit: Getty
The Blink-182 drummer showed off x-rays of his finger injuryfinger-797336911.jpg?w=335 335w, 480w, 620w, 670w, 960w, 1240w, 1005w, 1440w, 1860w, 1340w, 1920w, 2480w” bad-src=”data:image/svg+xml,%3Csvg xmlns="" viewBox="0 0 0.6 1"%3E%3C/svg%3E”/


The Blink-182 drummer showed off x-rays of his finger injuryCredit: Instagram / Travis Barker

The rocker took to his Instagram Story to shock his followers and perhaps send a message to his haters.

He shared a photo of two ex-rays, which showed him holding up one finger.

The bones on the first knuckle appeared out of sorts – either broken or bent too far the wrong way.

While it appeared he was holding up his middle finger in the x-ray, it’s believed that it’s Travis’ ring finger that’s injured.

He recently responded to comments questioning why his wedding ring was missing, revealing that he’d been injured.

Travis has been forthcoming about his injury thus far.

On Valentine’s Day, fans noticed that he was without his wedding ring.


The famous drummer shared a carousel of photos and videos that included one of him laying beside his dog.

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In the clip, Travis was seen cuddling with his beloved pet.

There was also a closeup of his dog laying on his stomach.

The Hulu personality captioned his post: “Just the two of us.”

Travis’ buddy-strapped fingers were visible in the post and so was his ringless wedding finger.

Fans flocked to the comments to react, with some expressing empathy and others focused on his missing ring.

One fan asked

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Rita Ora’s Wedding Ring Makes Its First Public Appearance In Style

Rita Ora has a new bling that she is never taking off!

Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but for the award-winning songstress, a large green gem is all she needs. After months of suspense, the Kosovo native is finally sharing details about her relationship with Taika Waititi.

The lovebirds have mostly kept their romance under wraps, including their secret nuptials. Although the spouses are yet to reveal the exact date they tied the knot, Ora recently gave fans a first-time view of her stunning engagement ring.

The 32-year-old made the big reveal on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,” where she flaunted her jewelry and spilled juicy details about her marriage. Keep scrolling for more!

Rita Ora’s Wedding Ring Makes Its First Public Appearance In Style

Rita Ora and Taika Waititi at the 2022 MTV EMAs show at the PSD Bank Dome

As a celebrated artist, the “How We Do” singer is no stranger to making headlines for her music and red-carpet looks. However, the Honorary Ambassador of Kosovo ate and left no crumbs on the February 1 episode of Fallon’s talk show.

The showrunners shared a clip of the memorable interview on their YouTube account, allowing fans to enjoy the unforgettable night worldwide. For her appearance, Ora stepped out in a silvery number featuring a sexy two-piece. 

Dressed to impress millions, the Glamour Award winner flashed her abs in a silver crop top and flaunted her model-like legs in a matching silver mini skirt. While the top consisted of a simple long-sleeve design with a turtleneck, the bottom had a beautiful ruffled hem.

The chic look was completed with a pair of black stilettos and minimal jewelry to compliment the eye-catching outfit. Although the “Grateful” artist shone like a star, all eyes were on the giant gem on her ring finger.

The 32-year-old flashed her wedding ring for the cameras,

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“Imagine say e crash” – Groom uses drone to bring wedding ring

A wedding video has gone viral on social media after the groom made his wedding ring arrive at the venue in a drone.

The groom employed the services of his best man who made a grand entrance into the venue with the wedding ring on a drone.

The best man then reached out his hand towards the drone which was high up in the air as he waited for it to land.

After the drone landed, he took out the ring and handed them over to the groom.

“He brought the wedding ring on a plane. If I don’t get this on my wedding then there’s no wedding”, the caption of the video read.

Reacting to the video, @Lizzy ❤️ said: “Plane ke 😂😂😂 drone done turn plane 😂😂😂😂💔 my country people 😭💔😂”.

@joky reacted: “All this doesn’t matter but a happy home”.

@~itz_Kelly wrote: “Plane abi camera lol this our country sef funny people😂.”

@E.bruno said: “What if the plane com crash for road😂😂, well congratulations tho.”

@oluwashindaraade1 reacted: “Ha, this is drone ooooo not plane ooo, God i thank you say i quickly commot for village ooooo, if not i for dey called bicycle car🤣🤣.”

Watch the video below:

video-id=”7199300496761441542″ data-embed-from=”oembed” style=”max-width: 605px;min-width: 325px;”


If i dont get this on my wedding then there’s no wedding 😩😂 #fypシ゚viral #wedding #bestman #ring #marriedcouple #viral #tiktokghana🇬🇭 #dramatiktok #izy_cre8tives

♬ Who Is Your Guy? – Spyro

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Reddit users left stunned by man’s horrific wedding ring injury: ‘Don’t get married’

Warning graphic content

A husband’s unfortunate wedding ring injury has sparked an intense reaction on social media.

Images of the man’s extreme wound were shared on Reddit, showing how the flesh under where his band would usually sit had been severely eroded away.

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But while many assumed that the trauma was caused by the husband’s refusal to remove his wedding ring for a long period of time, this was not the case.

It’s understood the man was changing a motor in his boat when a live wire touched the band, leading to a significant electrical burn.

The news caused many tradesmen to share warnings about wearing jewellery while working with “electronics, welding equipment, or heavy machinery”.

“Yep, I’m an electrician who’s getting married later this year. I’m either gonna get a bunch of silicon bands or one made out of titanium so that it’s non-conductive because it’s a legitimate risk,” said one.

An electrical accident caused the ring to leave a severe burn in the man’s finger. Credit: Reddit

Another wrote: “Rings are dangerous. I was throwing a tyre into the back of a truck and my ring caught on the rim. The ring had to be cut off after almost degloving me.”

Added one more: “This happened to my uncle when he was trying to remove a battery from a car. The wrench went across the terminals and was touching his ring.

“He almost had to have his finger amputated because the severe burn almost severed all blood flow to his finger. He was lucky and his finger healed after getting a graft.”

Others said they were convinced the injury had been caused from

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Widow tells story of gracious jewelers who restored late husband’s wedding ring, crucifix

Melissa and Brian Kurz on their wedding day, March 10, 2018.

Melissa and Brian Kurz on their wedding day, March 10, 2018.

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Two days after Christmas last year, Melissa Kurz’s husband was killed on Florida 9B in a terrible crash that left his car swallowed by flames.

Afterward, in shock, she went to the medical examiner’s office where she was given all that was left of Brian Kurz’s belongings. “They hand me, I kid you not, an evidence bag with a block of char,” she said.

In the char, mixed in with a melted mass of seatbelt and shirt, was his platinum wedding ring and a St. Christopher’s necklace with crucifix.

Brian Kurz's wedding ring and St. Christopher's medal, restored by Lakewood Jewelers after he died in a fiery car crash.

Brian Kurz’s wedding ring and St. Christopher’s medal, restored by Lakewood Jewelers after he died in a fiery car crash.

“And that’s all I have left of my husband,” said Melissa, who lives in St. Augustine.

Jacques Fontan: Widow of Navy SEAL killed in Afghanistan 15 years ago tells story of grief and acceptance

From an ocean floor to its original owner: This ring’s 20-year journey was ‘a message from God’

Brian was 37 and had been a pharmacist at the Walgreens at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center and at the World Golf Village. He would sometimes pay the bills of patients who couldn’t afford their needed medication. He loved to play guitar. Some 550 people came to his memorial service at the Cathedral Basilica in St. Augustine.

After Brian Kurz was killed in a fiery December 2021 car crash, his wife was given this evidence bag with his St. Christopher's necklace and wedding ring tangled in a block of char.

After Brian Kurz was killed in a fiery December 2021 car crash, his wife was given this evidence bag with his St. Christopher’s necklace

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Santa Rosa man took off his ring to give his dog a bath 21 years ago and thought he’d lost it forever. Destiny had other ideas

This is the story of a lost ring, a desperate search and a dog named Sushi.

It’s also the story of serendipity, friendship and luck.

But perhaps, above all, it’s the story of enduring love and beshert — a Yiddish word that means, among other things, destiny.

It is a story that has been more than 50 years in the making, but we’ll begin last month when Hank Trione was doing yard work at his Santa Rosa home.

‘It went flying’

There was some ground cover near the front walkway that he wanted gone, and he gave one stubborn bunch a tug.

Up came the root, and with it an 8-inch knot of earth.

And the aforementioned ring.

“When I pulled the root out, it went flying,” Trione said. “It must have been entangled in the root.”

Trione put it in his pocket and kept working.

Only later did he look more closely at his find.

“I cleaned it up with an old toothbrush,” he said. “I could tell it was engraved, but my eyes aren’t what they used to be.”

He aimed his phone at the engraving and blew it up. Nope. Then he called in his 17-year-old daughter for backup.

Together, they could make out four engraved letters: B-a-r-b. And a date: 8-6-72.

Curious, Trione decided to dig up something else: The file, replete with ownership documents and pulled permits from past owners, that he got when he bought the house on East Foothill Drive four years ago.

The previous owner’s name wasn’t Barbara, but the owners before that were Barbara and Gary Greensweig.

Trione knew where to go next.

Lynn and Gary Leopold have lived in the house across the street since 1986. They have been neighbors and friends with the Greensweigs now for more

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Christine McGuinness ditches her wedding ring as she hangs out with best friend Chelcee Grimes to watch Lionesses win

CHRISTINE McGuinness ditched her wedding ring as she watched the Lionesses win at Wembley yesterday.

The 34-year-old star wowed in a tight white bodysuit and jeans as she cheered on England at the Women’s Euro final, alongside new best friend Chelcee Grimes.

Christine McGuinness ditched her wedding ring yesterday


Christine McGuinness ditched her wedding ring yesterdayCredit: Getty
The TV star showed off her amazing figure as she supported the Lionesses at the Euro final


The TV star showed off her amazing figure as she supported the Lionesses at the Euro finalCredit: Instagram
Christine and Paddy McGuiness announced their split earlier this month


Christine and Paddy McGuiness announced their split earlier this monthCredit: Getty

The mum-of-three showed off her incredible figure in a white strappy top and blue ripped jeans.

She flashed a big smile as she posed for photos, with her huge engagement ring and wedding band missing from her left hand.

Earlier that day, Christine shared a snap of herself standing in the crowd at the historic event with her followers on Instagram.

The star, who recently split from husband Paddy McGuiness, paid tribute to the women’s England team in the caption.

Christine captioned the post: “Things I love to see 😍

Christine McGuiness reveals underwear in sheer dress at Diversity Awards
Paddy & Christine to reveal challenges of raising autistic children in BBC1 doc

“Women supporting women, Going against the grain, Doing what they love, Believing in themselves, Fighting for equality. And our country getting behind them shouting ‘Yes girls’.

“‘COME ON ENGLAND’🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 @lionesses.”

Despite her supportive words, it could also be seen as a sly dig towards Paddy, 48, after it was revealed that she accused her husband of flirting with lookalike blonde TV star as their marriage collapsed.

It comes after earlier this month Christine and Paddy announced that they had separated after 15 years together.

The pair each posted identical statements on Instagram where they opened up about the “difficult decision”.

In a joint statement signed off with a kiss, Christine, 34, and Paddy, 48, said they aimed to be the “best parents they could be”.

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Simple like JLo to custom like Alia: Wedding rings in vogue this season

When Jennifer Lopez recently flaunted her wedding ring – a simple white band – which was completely in contrast to the dazzling, extravagant rings the star has sported in the past, many would-be brides (and grooms too!) would have taken notes. When it comes to choosing wedding (or engagement) rings, social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest serve as guides, say jewellers. They add that a lot of research now goes into deciding wedding or engagement rings. Ishu Datwani, director and founder of a jewellery brand, says, “Along with pictures or references of the wedding rings worn by celebrities, young couples pick up ideas from Pinterest and Instagram. We have a lot of customers who have done their research and are well aware of what they want. These are surely the most used mediums for designs and research for wedding rings.”


Jewellery designers say that Deepika Padukone’s rectangle solitaire is quite popular among brides. (In picture) #DeepVeer on their wedding


Customised rings like Alia’s, with initials or symbols, are in vogue, say jewellers

‘There’s a dramatic increase in demand for custom-made jewellery’

Alia Bhatt’s customised wedding ring featured a hexagonal diamond on top of a band that had eight encrusted diamonds, symbolising Ranbir Kapoor’s lucky number. Many couples are now opting for something similarly personalised. Says Aanchal Goel, founder of a diamond jewellery brand, “We are seeing a demand for unique rings that reflect the couple’s individual style and their unique personality. We’ve seen a dramatic increase in the demand for custom-made jewellery. Clients are no longer content with mass-produced items, they want something specifically designed for them like infinity and stackable rings, which have a solitaire, or matching wedding bands, that offer a sense of unity and symmetry.” Adds Ambar Pariddi Sahai, jewellery designer and owner

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You Bought Your Marriage, Let Us Rest – Tracey Boakye Shows Off Wedding Ring in New ‘Ahomasuor’ Video, Fans Tell Her to Take a Chill Pill

Mrs. Tracey Badu-Ntiamoah has been asked to get a grip on herself after showing off her wedding ring in a trending new video.

The video was recorded during her visit to Shugatiti’s new restaurant, which opened on Saturday, August 06.

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Featured in the video was “mother-in-law of the bride,” Afia Schwar, who could not keep her hands to herself.

While Tracey excitedly waved her wedding ring across the camera lenses, Afia Schwarzenegger ridiculed their detractors.

Afia Schwarzenegger held Tracey’s ring finger, as she used it to “pepper” her and Tracey’s detractors.

Watch the video below.

Fans swore Afia Schwarzenegger could never be genuinely happy for Tracey, looking at her demeanour.

In their opinion, she was only pretending to be okay with all the good things happening in Tracey’s life.

Reacting to the video, fans did not hold back as they asked Tracey to slow down with her arrogance.

Check out a few below.


Meanwhile, Tracey was warned to avoid people like Afia when she successfully married.

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As it stands, it seems the counsel fell on deaf ears.

SOURCE: GhanaCelebrities.Com


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TikToker Gets Revenge On Husband Who Left His Wedding Ring At Home While On A Boys Trip To Vegas

When one woman noticed her husband had conveniently “forgotten” something very important at home before a weekend away, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

TikToker Gaby Leon posted a video of her reaction to her husband‘s blunder as a reminder to women everywhere to never let your man away with anything!

Her husband left his wedding ring behind before heading to Las Vegas.

“My husband forgot his wedding ring when he went to Vegas for a bachelor party with his friends,” Leon captions her video.

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She then cuts the video to show her husband’s wedding ring, then shows the texts they exchanged. First, she asks him if he had forgotten something, and he responded by asking what it was, with her retorting, “You tell me!!”

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He then responds with “My ring!!!???” which she sarcastically texts back, “You think,” but then instead of a response, he gave a smug emoji.

Leon then asked if both of them are single this weekend then to which he replied no, but that’s not what it looked like to her.

She told him to enjoy his weekend and to have fun, but he responded, “Babe, omg, I forgot.” 

Leon decided to get some proper revenge on her husband.

Instead of letting it go, Leon decided to do something sinister and locked him out of his bank card. Instead of pouting at home, she decided to celebrate her weekend by going out too. 

Her video ends with her and her friend pouring booze into her mouth straight from the bottle with her partying on the

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