The ultimate makeup hacks everyone needs to ace their beauty game

Makeup is an art. And like all other creators of artworks, makeup artists, too, try innovative techniques, acquire new skills and aspire to get better at what they create. Not just that, all of us have sought a tutorial to ace our makeup game, haven’t we?

From perfecting that winged eyeliner to finally figuring out the correct placement of a contour and a bronzer, we, too, want to become a pro at using our makeup kits. And while it obviously takes some time to get there, it also takes a few hacks here and a few tricks there to get the makeup right.

As much as they save the day and make the process easier for makeup novices, makeup hacks are equally preferred and used by professionals. Owing to their popularity and efficacy, makeup hacks have become a rage in the past few years with TikTok and Instagram spreading them around like wildfire. We all come across a new trick almost every other day and while some of them dwindle soon enough, others end up trending for their ease and technique.

Makeup Hacks
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The issue, however, arises when we find ourselves swirling in this whirlpool of makeup hacks, unable to figure out which ones actually work and which don’t. If this perplexity is something that you relate to, you’ve landed at just the right place for we’ve created a list of all the makeup and hair hacks that you’d ever need. Sifting through some age-old classic tricks and the recent ones flooding our social media feeds, we have a guide for you that can make things easier. Scroll through the hacks that you can incorporate into your makeup routine right away.

Hacks for flawless eye makeup

Eyes are the window to the soul and gorgeous eye makeup is the cynosure of any look. If you try to keep your eye makeup as the focus of your look, check out these best makeup hacks below.

The gel eyeliner effect

Kohl pencil eyeliners can be a bit difficult to work with as they tend to tug at the skin, making the application uneven. Hence, warming the pencil lead with a flame will not only make the application easier but also make the liner last longer. Simply hold the tip of your eyeliner pencil over the flame of a lighter for one to two seconds. Then allow it to cool off for a few seconds, check it using the back of your hand if it is cool enough and then apply it. Watch the pencil glide on your eyelid oh-so-seamlessly.

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Perfect that eyeliner wing with a spoon

Achieving that perfect (and symmetric) winged eyeliner is not an easy task and takes a lot of precision. If you’re a makeup newbie or are still trying to perfect that eyeliner, run to your kitchen and grab that teaspoon because it can be your saviour.

Start by placing the stem of the spoon against the outer corner of your eye in an angled upward position and draw a straight line. Then flip the spoon in a way that it hugs your lid; use that rounded outer edge to complete the wing.

You can achieve that wing by sticking scotch tape on the sides of your eyes as well or grab any household item with a straight edge like a business card or your debit card and use it as a stencil.

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Hashtag it for a smokey eye

Doing a smokey eye can go from sultry to sloppy real quick. But fret not, because this hashtag hack will take care of all your smokey eye makeup woes. All you’ve got to do is draw a slanted hashtag symbol with your eyeliner at the outer third corner of your eye and blend it in. This trick ensures symmetry between the two eyes and controls the amount of product used for each eyelid.

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Use translucent powder to plump up those lashes

Struggling to make your eyelashes look naturally fuller and voluminous without the use of falsies? Well, this makeup hack ensures that your lashes look extraordinary throughout the day. And all you need to do is dust them with some translucent powder in between the mascara coats. Doing this lends you big and fuller-looking eyelashes, as the mascara tends to grip onto the setting powder better and stays in place.

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The soap brows hack

One of the most popular makeup hacks to take over Instagram and TikTok in recent times is using a gel soap bar and a spoolie brush to transform your eyebrows, quite literally. It lends them an eyeball-grabbing brushed, slicked-up look that lasts long. If you want to give this a shot, take a spoolie brush and spray it with a facial mist to dampen it. You can also dampen the soap bar instead of your brush.

Now, swipe the brush across the soap bar to get a gel-like residue on the bristles and comb your brows with it in an up-and-out direction, shaping them as you like. If you want to add more layers for a stronger hold, wait until the first coat on your brows dries and then repeat the process.

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Use eyeshadow as an eyeliner

Bored with your usual eyeliner hues? Well, note this makeup hack that ensures you a wide range of colours to experiment with. All you need is your favourite eyeshadow palette and a setting spray or micellar water. Simply wet an angular eyeliner brush with the spray or micellar water, dip it into your eyeshadow and apply it on your lash line, as you would with normal eyeliner. From bold and edgy looks to shimmery, metallic ones, using your eyeshadow as an eyeliner lets you play around with eye makeup like no other.

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Instant eyebrow lift

One of the best ways to give your eyebrows an instant lift is to use your highlighter just under the brow arch and lightly blend it out. It will not just define your brows perfectly but also lend a dramatic edge to your entire face. While your brows would seem lifted with a pointed arch, your eyes would look more open, especially if the gap between your eyes and the brow is less.

Make your eyeshadow pop with a white eyeliner

If you’ve ever wished for your sheer or less pigmented eyeshadow to look bright and out there, this easy-to-do makeup hack will be your saviour. Simply use a white pencil eyeliner on your entire eyelid as the first step. Then, layer it up with your eyeshadow, and you’d be left awestruck at how vibrant it turns out to be. Basically, an opaque white coverage essentially intensifies any shade you top it up with.

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Face (base) makeup hacks

A flawless base lays the foundation for the rest of your makeup, which is why it is important to note the nitty-gritty of getting this step right. From proper long processes to smart hacks, you really need to have all the tips and tricks up your sleeve to master the base makeup. Follow through these makeup hacks because they’re a game changer.

Luminous skin with a foundation

Perfect for days when your skin looks dull and lacklustre, simply mix in a golden or pearly eyeshadow or a highlighter with your foundation and use it all over your face. This will lend you a naturally dewy look and will give your face an instant lift.

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Concealing under eyes with a triangle shape

There are many ways to conceal your under-eye area for a flawless base. However, one that’s been quite popular since forever is applying your concealer in an inverted triangular shape and then blending it in. The base of the triangle should be along your lower lash line and the tip should almost reach your cheek. This trick not only helps in covering redness, dark circles and puffiness around your eyes but also brightens the area, lighting up your face.

Apply foundation before concealer

A great way to minimise product usage and maximise the flawlessness of the base makeup is to apply your foundation before the concealer. The coverage of the foundation minimises the discolouration and redness to a great extent. This means that you would require a very little amount of the concealer and your base wouldn’t look cakey. This entire process is a genius way to prevent excess product usage, caking and creasing.

Make your own tinted moisturiser

Sure this hack isn’t new and too ingenious but it works amazingly well and the results are way too pretty. Whether you’re stepping out on a hot summer day and don’t want to wear too many layers of makeup or desire a barely-there natural finish, mixing in your moisturiser and foundation is something you must try.

You can also mix in a small amount of highlighter for a glowy and dewy effect for a night out or a bronzer for that trending sunkissed glow during the day.

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Find where to contour

Everybody’s face is shaped differently. Hence, where do products like blush, bronzer and contour go also differs. To figure out where you should be applying your contour, find the hollow below your cheekbone using the handle of a makeup brush or a pencil liner and angle it correctly. This is where you should be using your contour (or bronzer) products.

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Use blush under the foundation

For a naturally flushed look, reverse the order of applying the products and use your blush underneath your foundation. Next, mix the blush with a highlighter and the results will make others think you have flawless glowing skin.

However, it is also recommended to use only cream or liquid blush (or highlighter) for this trick as they can be layered and blended with each other well. Using a powder blush under a liquid foundation will only make it messy.

The best lip makeup hacks

Whether you love having full-luscious lips, a hint of colour, a matte finish or swear by glossy lips, these lip hacks would be a great addition to your list of makeup know-how.

Set your lipstick to make it last long

We’re all aware of the fact that old is gold and hence, this old, famous makeup hack that ensures your lipstick stays in place had to make it to this list. It ensures that your lip colour lasts longer without budging.

Once you’ve put on your lipstick, lay a tissue on your lips and dust translucent powder over it to set it in place. The reason for using a tissue to do this trick is to avoid the powder from lightening or dulling the original shade of your lipstick.

Perfect cupid’s bow with lip liner

Before applying your lipstick, use a lip liner (the same shade as your lipstick) to draw an ‘X’ in the centre of your upper lip at its natural highest points. This X will work as a guide for you to apply your lipstick without under or overdoing your cupid’s bow. You can also apply a little highlighter just above it as it’ll further define the shape of your lips and make them look fuller.

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Say goodbye to lipstick on your teeth

This great and super quick makeup trick to ensure the lipstick does not end up on your teeth needs no makeup tools but your finger. All you need to do is put the front part of your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it and then pull it out slowly. You’ll notice that all the excess lipstick will get on your finger, sparing you the embarrassment of lipstick-stained teeth.

Wear your eyeshadow as a lip gloss

Ever wished to wear your favourite eyeshadow as a lip colour but don’t know how? Crush a small amount of your eyeshadow into a fine powder and mix it with petroleum jelly to make it into a lip gloss. This genius hack not only lets you wear your eyeshadow on your lips but also makes for a great way to pull off a monotone look. While you can use the eyeshadow on your lips, use the lip gloss on your lids and even cheeks as a blush for that matter.

If you’re always on the go and don’t have time to DIY this gloss, simply pick your favourite eyeshadow on your finger and swipe it on the back of your hand. Now, rub a clear lip balm on the pigment and apply it directly to the lips.

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Hair hacks to swear by

Irrespective of the kind of hair you have, managing it requires some knowledge of the different ways in which you can take care of those tresses. And that not only includes the different hair care routines but also some quick fixes.

Use dry shampoo at night

For someone who’s always on the go, this trick works amazingly. If you know you won’t have the time to wash your hair the following morning before heading out, use dry shampoo the night before prior to going to bed. The shampoo will work its way throughout your strands overnight to lend you clean and healthy-looking hair in the morning.

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Tame flyaways with a toothbrush and hairspray

Yet another makeup hack that’s been saving the day, especially for people with frizzy hair is the use of hairspray and a toothbrush to tame those flyaways. This hack not only keeps the frizz in check but also gives you a natural look, ensuring you’re using just the right amount of hairspray. Simply spray a toothbrush with hairspray and run it over your flyaways to hold those pesky little strands in place.

Braiding wet hair for natural-looking curls

If you’ve been looking for some no-heat hair curling hacks that actually work, this might just be the one. All you’ve got to do is braid your wet hair post shower at night. You can make multiple thin or thick braids as per the style and types of curls you desire and sleep through the night with the braids. Untangle them the following morning, spray your hair with a little texturising spray and scrunch your locks with your hands to firm them up. Set them with a setting spray if you want them to last long and you’re good to go.

The two-ponytail trick for a voluminous look

To make your ponytail look fuller and longer, section your hair into two halves (upper and lower). Now, tie the lower half of the hair into a mid-rise ponytail and do the same with the upper half. Tie it into a high ponytail in a way that it covers and hides the lower ponytail’s hair tie. This will lend that flattering added length and volume to your ponytail.

Flat iron your braids for natural waves

There are innumerable ways (using heat and no heat) to curl your hair. If you’re running short on time, a great way to get those natural-looking waves is to iron your braids. Start by parting your hair into five to six sections (can be more or less as per your hair) and braiding them. Now, loosen them by pulling them apart gently. Iron each one of them using a flat iron until the strands are hot. Undo the braids and lightly spritz them with a setting spray for natural-looking waves.

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The bobby pins ponytail hack

Are you tired of a saggy, low ponytail and want it to look propped up? Pull your hair back into a high ponytail. Now, stick two bobby pins underneath vertically so that they pass through the hair tie (while pointing towards the nape of your neck). This not only makes your ponytail look high but also makes it appear fuller and fluffy.

Nail beauty hacks to bookmark

Nails make up for an essential beauty facet that you must pay attention to in equal measure. From nurturing and maintaining them to glamming them up in stunning ways, tending to your nails isn’t an easy job, especially when you love doing that on your own. Here are some nail hacks for you to consider for a beautiful DIY manicure or nail art.

White nail polish as a base coat

A great way to ensure that your nail colour stays true and looks as vibrant as possible is to use it on a coat of white nail paint. Skip that base coat and use white nail paint underneath as it intensifies the colour and makes it pop.

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Use clear tape to create sharp lines

This hack will be your saviour when you’ve run out of nail striping tape. Use your regular scotch tape to create different designs on your nails. Stick it in distinctive shapes on already painted nails and add another coat of a different hue to create a two-toned look. You can also create a negative-space manicure with it. The options are endless. Once done, leave it all to dry for a minute and then slowly peel off the tapes.

A marbled effect with a cup of water

Love the marbled nail paint effect? Well, doing it is easy; all it needs is a cup of water, some tape, an open paper clip and your favourite nail paints. Start by taping underneath and around your nail so that the nail paint does not get onto your skin. Now, take a cup of filtered water (at room temperature) and start adding drops of your nail paints alternatively. With the tip of the paper clip, swirl the design a bit to create a marble effect and then dip your finger into it with your nail facing down. Hold it like that for a few seconds and then slowly take it out of the water. Remove the tape and clean up the edges.

Mend a broken nail

How many times has it happened that your nail just happens to chip away or break off, especially when you had to step out for an important occasion? A lot of times, we bet.

However, there’s also a painless and quick hack that can mend a broken nail in just a few minutes using a tea bag and nail glue. Start by applying some nail glue to the chipped nail to keep it together. Then cut out a small piece of a tea bag and stick it onto the area using nail glue. You can layer another piece of the tea bag over it to add more hold and strength to the nail. Once done, lightly buff away the excess tea bag to smooth out the nail and layer it up with a top coat to finish.

No more stuck with a glitter nail paint

Love wearing glitter nail polishes but dread the hassle of removing them? It’s time to try this easy-peasy hack where you skip your base coat and use white glue (Elmer’s works) instead. Layer it up with your favourite glitter nail paint and when you want to take it off, simply peel off the glue from the nails and voila, you’re done!

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Other beauty hacks to note

Because we had a lot more hacks to share with you, scroll through these tips listed below for you never know which one might come in handy next. Varying from taking care of your empties and reviving the dried-up products to some beauty essentials, this list has got it all.

How to wear perfume

There’s no denying the importance of smelling good. A perfume accessorises your look like no other. However, going overboard with it and smelling like a perfume factory isn’t admirable either.

So, how to wear perfume the right way? Simply apply it to these key areas — insides of the elbows, behind the ears or sides of the neck, on the pulse points of the wrists and the back of the knees. Although you can apply perfume onto your clothes, avoid using it on fabrics like silk that can get stained.

Reviving your mascara with saline solution

We’ve all heard of the hack of putting your mascara bottle in a cup of warm water to moisten it when it dries away. However, a hack that’s not only better but also ensures your mascara stays moist for long is to mix a few drops of the saline solution into the dried-up, flaky formula. This will bring it back to its smooth and moist consistency that’s sure to last for a long time.

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Find out your skin undertones

If you’ve been struggling to find what your undertones are to be better able to choose the right makeup products, here’s a quick and easy way to do so.

The three types of undertones are warm (golden, peachy and yellow tones), cool (pink, red and bluish tones) and neutral (a mix of warm and cool). A super-easy way to find out your undertone is to check the colour of your veins. If you appear green, it means you have a warm undertone. If they appear bluish or purplish, you have a cool undertone. And if you have trouble figuring out or have a mix of both, then you have a neutral undertone.

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