This Drag Queen Stole the Show at Milan Fashion Week Impersonating Jennifer Coolidge

At this moment, Jennifer Coolidge is having a cultural moment. The star received a colossal welcoming when she hit the scene for Diesel‘s Fall/Winter 2023 presentation for Milan Fashion Week — but the gag is, it wasn’t her, but rather her doppelganger, British drag queen Alexis Stone.

Stone tapped special-effects makeup artist Neill Gorton for an exact replicated face of the ‘The White Lotus‘ star. Taking over five weeks to complete the prosthetic pieces, Stone also used Coolidge’s 2023 Golden Globes makeup as inspiration, including her lipstick, eyeshadow and lash application. For more razzle and dazzle to the look, Stone completed the impersonation with a blonde, beachy-wavy wig to further cement the moment.

For the Diesel presentation, Stone pulled onto the scene rocking a number from the brand’s new collection. The metallic cargo pants, biker jacket and matching top only pose this question: Could this have been a lewk that Coolidge turned herself into? One can only imagine, but what we do know is that the artist pulled off the actor’s signature put down to the “T.”

For those who aren’t aware of Stone’s talent, she’s known for impersonating some of the best of the best in pop culture, from Dolly Parton to Kim Kardashian — she’s the ultimate g.o.a.t.

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